Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage above cabinets.

Kitchen Fire Damage

This kitchen fire erupted and caused major problems throughout the house. Not only were our employees able to remove the effects of smoke damage, but we were able to get the homeowner back in her home in record time. When you are dealing with a fire or smoke disaster, SERVPRO is ready to help 24/7!

Fire damage to ceiling.

Fire Damage in North Fort Myers, FL

This home in North Fort Myers, FL suffered a significant kitchen fire that left smoke damage throughout much of the house. Our highly trained professionals are equipped to handle fire damage and protect your home from ongoing damage. 

Ceiling during soot cleanup.

Solana Soot Cleanup

Our SERVPRO of North Fort Myers team is the #1 choice for all your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs in the Solana area. Fire, soot, and smoke damage are only some of the many services we offer!

Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Punta Gorda

The bathroom fire when a curling iron partnered with some lotions, left a smoky mess and a pungent odor. Hard surfaces can be cleaned up by SERVPRO crew members with our formulated products even as we deodorize the small, fire-damaged room.

Fire Damage from a Clogged Vent--Ft. Myers

A very preventable fire damaging event in Ft. Myers is maintaining a free moving venting system for the clothes dryer. SERVPRO can clean up the burnt area and also clean out the HVAC ductwork and flex tubing.

Fort Myers Smoke & Fire Residue in a Kitchen

The smoke stains on the ceiling of this Fort Myers kitchen is a common sight in many parts of Florida. The affected area should be contained with physical barriers to prevent the migration of the residue to other areas of the home. SERVPRO technicians can use dry sponge treatments to remove most of the soot and perhaps make a repainting unnecessary.

Punta Gorda Microwave Exhaust Hood Fire

The greasy buildup ignited this hood in a Punta Gorda home creating a smoky mess. The fire damage was minimal, our SERVPRO  team can ready clean up and refinish the cabinets and walls. No need for replacement. We can also deodorize the kitchen and remove the smoke odors from the structure.

Fire-Ravaged Kitchen in Punta Gorda

The fallen, charred and wetted insulation and ceiling materials can be cleaned up by SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration technicians. The importance of returning moisture levels to pre-fire conditions and the extraction of smoke particulates are critical to a wholesome indoor air quality.

Punta Gorda Fire Damage

This garage was burnt when the gas water heater malfunctioned and started a fire resulting in Damage to this Punta Gorda Property.  Our techs discarded all the non-salvageable items and structural materials before beginning the restoration process. Upon completion, we had another happy customer.