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Why a DIY Mold Testing Kit Can't Replace a Professional Inspection

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

Man looking at a mold on wall A professional will perform a complete home inspection

Here’s Why

There’s a lot of debate as to the accuracy of home mold testing kits, but even the most accurate DIY kit can’t match the benefits of a professional mold investigation. 

1. A Professional Will Conduct More Thorough Testing

The testing process for a typical mold kit consists of placing a Petri dish in a single location in your home and waiting for mold to accumulate. An environmental hygienist, on the other hand, will take samples from surfaces and from the air in multiple locations throughout your home. He or she will also collect control samples to establish the normal mold levels for a home in Fort Myers Shores, FL, which are likely different than what's "normal" for a home in another part of the country. The lab results from a DIY mold kit will tell you how many mold spores were found. However, these numbers are meaningless unless you understand what constitutes a “normal” count.

2. A Professional Will Perform a Complete Home Inspection

A mold expert will inspect your home to discover any visible signs of mold and to identify possible sources of excess moisture, like leaks, condensation, or humidity. Mold professionals have extensive knowledge of home plumbing and ventilation systems and can locate sources that most people would miss.

3. A Professional Will Create an Action Plan

An environmental hygienist will consider your mold testing results, together with his or her findings from the visual inspection, to determine what needs to happen next. If you’re working with a full-service mold remediation company, they will create and carry out a plan to eliminate the moisture source and remove the existing mold, if necessary. A mold expert can also advise you about how to avoid future mold outbreaks.

DIY mold testing kits may seem like an inexpensive alternative to professional mold inspections, but these kits offer only a fraction of the benefits when compared to the real deal.

Why Your Business Need a Security Fence

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

Security fence Security fencing can protect your business in many different ways

Why Your Business Need a Security Fence

If a fire breaks out at your business building in Cleveland, FL, your immediate concerns will be:

  • Employee safety
  • Property damage
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Cleaning
  • Reopening

Did you know that erecting a security fence can protect your business in the following ways while it is vulnerable during cleaning and restoration?

Protects Against Theft and Vandalism
When you and your employees cannot enter your business environment after a disaster, you cannot keep a watchful eye on your property. A vacated business can tempt thieves and vandals to come and go freely without deterrents. Fencing creates a secure barrier that protects your valuable property.

Protects Against Liability
Disasters like fires can cause structures to collapse, scattering debris throughout a business's premises and creating various accident hazards before a disaster restoration company can start cleaning up. During this time, your business is vulnerable to potential lawsuits and damages from individuals who get hurt by walking near dangerous conditions.

Protects Against Animal Activity
When dealing with the existing fire damages, the last thing you want to worry about is additional liabilities that animals entering your abandoned building might cause. By erecting a security fence around your business's perimeter, you can prevent animals from using it for housing.

Protects Your Insurance Claim
Most commercial insurers will cover damages from disasters, including fires. In most cases, they will not cover secondary damage if it is preventable. For example, some commercial insurance policies require businesses to install mandatory fencing after a disaster to prevent losses unrelated to the primary cause. You must pay out of pocket for repairs or replacements that would not be necessary had you installed fencing.

After a fire at your business in Cleveland, FL, hiring a professional cleaning company and installing a security fence will ensure a full and uncomplicated cleanup and recovery so that you and your employees can resume your normal activities.

The special Techniques Needed for Cleaning Sewer Damage

7/9/2022 (Permalink)

Sewage backup Sewage backup in Salvista, FL

The Special Techniques Needed for Cleaning Sewer Damage

A sewer cleanup in Fort Myers, FL is a highly technical process that involves many factors. To begin with, sewage water is likely to contain pathogens and microbes that are harmful to human health. This necessitates a number of precautionary steps. Employees and customers of the building should be kept clear of the contaminated water. Cleanup workers should wear PPE such as gloves and masks when dealing with dirty water, and they also might want to consider the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid fever
  • Tetanus
  • Polio

Risk factors vary from location to location. Restoration workers who might encounter a sewer backup should consult with medical professionals as well as the company they work for to learn more.

The Principles of a Sewer Cleanup
It is important to understand that the presence of raw sewage in a commercial building is an emergency. A quick response is mandatory. A reputable water remediation company should be called right away. Certified workers will arrive in a matter of hours and immediately go to work to stop the spread of dirty water. A flooded toilet and a flood are handled in a similar manner, though one might contain more water. The technicians will stop the flow of water, contain the situation, remove the water from the building and then clean and restore the affected areas.

The Use of Specialized Equipment
A quality restoration company has many resources at its disposal when dealing with a sewer cleanup. This allows workers to safely remove water from the building and to dry out and clean walls and other building materials. They can also engage in advanced testing to make certain all standing water or excess moisture has been removed from areas that are hard to reach such as attics and behind walls. Restoration technicians have been trained in the proper use of a variety of specialized equipment. Sewer damage presents many complications, but a professional team is up to the challenge.

How to Maintain Your Furnace

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

Furnace Regular furnace maintenance can help you save money on heating bills and professional fire cleaning services.

Maintaining Your Furnace

Many people overlook furnace maintenance due to busy lives or a simple lack of knowledge. Cleaning your furnace keeps it running smoothly and prevents safety hazards requiring professional fire cleaning. Here are some helpful tips for when and how to maintain the furnace in your Fort Myers, FL, home.

1. Clean Regularly

Do not begin any cleaning until the furnace is completely turned off. Regularly clean away dust and dirt from the motor, blower, and filtration. If too much dirt builds up, it can reduce airflow.

2. Replace Filters

Furnace filters help trap dirt and contaminants. They need to be replaced every three months and before cold winter temperatures kick in. Some experts also recommend changing out filters once a month when the furnace is in regular use. If filters are not changed often enough, the furnace may overheat and cause a fire, requiring smoke cleaning and other damage repairs.

3. Check Carbon Monoxide Detector

If a furnace malfunctions, it can produce a deadly, odorless gas called carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens more in the winter when furnace use is highest. Take preventative measures by installing carbon monoxide detectors near the rooms you and your family sleep in. Check the detectors once a month to ensure they work and replace any dead batteries. 

4. Assess Wiring to Prevent Fire Cleaning Services

Ensure electric components are not broken or loose lest they may become a hazard requiring professional fire damage restoration. Call a professional if you suspect an electrical problem with the furnace. Do not try to repair it yourself.

5. Check the Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat is accurate and clean. Broken or dirty thermostats may cause the furnace to run more, leading to higher heating costs.

6. Hire Professional Services

Get your furnace professionally cleaned once a year. You can save money by arranging the maintenance appointment at the end of the high-use season in early to mid-spring.

Regular furnace maintenance can help you save money on heating bills and professional fire cleaning services. Follow these tips to keep your furnace functioning at optimum levels and prevent safety hazards.

How To Remove and Prevent Standing Water in a Crawlspace

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Sump pump Install a sump pump in your crawl space or have the space encapsulated by a water damage prevention service in your Fort Myers, FL home.

How to Get Rid of Standing Water in a Crawlspace and Prevent It

If you found standing water in your Fort Myers, FL, home's crawl space, you might want to ignore it. However, no matter how long it sits there, it's not going to go away on its own. Here is some equipment you can use to remove the water and ways to keep it from coming back.

Use a Trash Pump
If the water in your crawl space is from a flood, you likely have more than just water in your crawl space. Floodwaters pick up everything in their path, so your crawl space could be full of a number of things. Some items commonly found in floods are:

  • Clothes
  • Plants
  • Tree limbs
  • Garbage

If you tried to use a regular pump to remove the water, you'd likely find that it quickly gets clogged by these foreign objects. Instead, rely on a garbage pump. This type of equipment is designed to suck up water and small items without clogging.

Use a Truck-Mounted Pump
When flooding happens regularly in your crawl space, it could be happening because the water you're pumping out is going right back into the crawl space. When this happens, hire a company with a truck-mounted pump to remove the water for you. The company will pump the water and any debris in the crawl space into a tank on the back of their truck. They will then empty their tank in an approved location for disposal.

Install Preventative Measures
Instead of constantly hiring companies to pump the water out of your crawlspace, take measures to keep it from happening. Contact a water damage prevention service to install a sump pump in your crawl space or have them encapsulate the space. You never want to attempt to do the encapsulation yourself because it takes specialized equipment and training to ensure that it is done correctly.

Flooding in your crawl space is a hassle, but you can get the space clean and dry in no time with the proper hardware and help from the pros.

What To Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler When your business is flooded due to a water heater leak, you need an emergency restoration service to mitigate the damage.

What Should You Do If Your Water Heater Leaks?

A leaking water heater can cause a lot of damage if it isn't addressed quickly. Water damage restoration specialists can clean up the water, mitigate damage and prevent mold growth as a result of a failed water heater.


A broken water heater can inflict damage in several ways:

  • Structural damage
  • Deteriorating building materials
  • Mold growth
  • Electrical wiring damage

If your water heater in Punta Gorda, FL, is leaking, you need to contact an emergency restoration service that can get there fast.

Drying Process

The restoration service will first remove all water, thoroughly drying the area. Depending on the amount of flooding from the leaking water heater, they may have to use submersible pumps or vacuums to remove the flooding. After the water has been pumped out of the building, they will use fans to ensure that all surfaces dry fully.

You can help by removing wet objects and taking them outside as soon as you notice the flooding. You can also open doors and windows to help the space dry faster. If the water may be in contact with any part of an electrical circuit, you could be electrocuted if you make contact with the water. If this is the case, do not touch the water. Wait for professionals to arrive.

Mold Treatment

Mold grows quickly in moist environments and could be harmful to the building and its inhabitants. After the area has been dried, the restoration service will clean every surface with antibacterial sprays. This will kill any mold that has already formed, stop further growth and prevent future damage.

Structural Damage

If needed, the repair service will repair any structural damage from the flood. This could include things like damaged drywall or weakened wood beams.

When your business in Punta Gorda, FL, encounters flooding from a leaking water heater, you need an emergency restoration service to mitigate damage. They will dry the area, treat for mold and repair structural damage.

Ways To Prevent Mold After a Home Flood

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

drywall removal from a water damage from a roof leak Mold growth is common after water damage. Addressing and repairing the source of the problem is critical to eliminating lingering odors and problems.

Mold Prevention After A Home Flood

As a homeowner, mold growth is a significant worry, especially after water damage. With a quick response and effective mitigation practices, flood remediation services in Punta Gorda, FL, explain that it is possible to avoid mold. Still, even if mold occurs after flooding, homeowners are not without options or solutions.

1. Remove Water Quickly

Removing water from the house is the first concern. With a significant water presence, it is nearly impossible to treat or remove any developing mold. Unfortunately, homeowners do not always have control over how quickly water is removed.

If the flood is a result of a storm, you will need to wait for the water to recede outside before removing it from the inside. Keep in mind that mold can begin to develop within 24 to 48 hours after a flood.

2. Perform a Flood Cut

With the water removed, it is time to assess possible mold growth. Professionals will perform a flood cut, which is a cut above the flood line by 12 inches. The cut is made to the wall, so the wall cavity is exposed. The purpose of cutting above the flood line is to find a dry structure.

3. Remove Debris

The mitigation company you hire will begin to remove all debris from the affected area, including insulation from within the wall. By removing all damp or affected materials, you can reduce your risk of mold.

4. Contact a Mold Removal or Mitigation Service

With all debris and water removed, you can hire a mold removal or testing service. The company will inspect your property for any signs of mold. If they find anything, they are qualified to remove it, reducing the risk of further contamination.

While mold growth after a flood is concerning, mitigation services understand how to protect your home. The goal is to find and expose all dry surfaces and remove or treat all wet ones.

3 Ways Water Can Cause More Damage After a Fire

5/12/2022 (Permalink)

Above view of laptop with water drop damage liquid wet and spill on keyboard. While a local professional should give their input, water in computers and other electronics might mean you need new equipment.

3 Ways Water Can Extend Fire Damage

A fire at your business in Fort Myers, FL is stressful. Your thorough emergency plan protected your staff, but your building is in ruins. You know that you have to submit a claim for all the fire damage, but there is also a lot of damage from the water used to put a fire out. Careful documentation of all damage is the best way to get the results you want from your insurance company. Here are three ways water can cause more damage after a fire.

1. Electronics Can Be Ruined by Water Damage

If the fire was contained in one area of your business, your electronics might be salvageable. A commercial restoration company can take your electronics to be assessed by professionals who are knowledgeable about soot and smoke damage to electronics. However, electronics in the main area of a fire may be in more danger of moisture. While a local professional should give their input, water in computers and other electronics might mean you need new equipment.

2. Carpeting Can Be Salvaged from Flooding

A fire truck's hose pumps hundreds of gallons of water into a property that is on fire to extinguish the flames. Carpet can be professionally cleaned to remove the soot and smoke smell, but water-damaged carpet requires more intensive intervention. Since mold can form within 24 hours of exposure to water, any carpet that is growing mold should be pulled up and thrown out.

3. Walls Can Be Damaged by a Fire Hose

You may have a sprinkler system at your business. Sprinklers prevent fires from spreading rapidly. While sprinklers do some damage, a hose produces much more pressure and, therefore, more damage. The fire damage done to walls may have only produced burn marks while a powerful hose can break down drywall and seep into any porous material and cause mold to grow.

Fire damage is devastating, but more damage can be done by water when fire crews put the flames out. Careful documentation of every inch of your commercial space is essential for filing a claim with your insurance company.

How SERVPRO Can Make Your Business's Mold Remediation Process More Efficient

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

garage wall with water infiltrations Don't be alarmed if you discover black mold in your building. As you run your business, SERVPRO experts can complete the remediation process.

How SERVPRO Can Improve Your Company's Mold Remediation Process

Black mold isn't a pleasant thing to discover in your Fort Myers, FL, business building. Fortunately, its presence doesn't need to be permanent. One of the most important steps to take going forward is calling a mold remediation company. This will allow you to have your building properly handled by experts. A particularly effective company in this regard is SERVPRO. If you want to know why, here's how SERVPRO can make your business's mold remediation process more efficient.

1. Quick Arrival

When it comes to remediating mold, swift work is vital. After all, you may be unable to use your building until it's done. SERVPRO is dedicated to responding quickly to reports of black mold, so you can start to get back to work soon enough. The company also asks a series of questions before sending people over, which ensures that the trip won't be delayed by a lack of necessary materials.

2. Various Containment Techniques

Containing fungus is an essential part of the remediation process. It ensures that the mold can't spread any further. These are a few techniques the experts use, particularly for more advanced issues:

  • Turning off HVAC systems and fans
  • Creating negative air pressure
  • Creating negative air chambers

Containing the mold quickly can greatly minimize the damage, so this is especially helpful.

3. Trained Specialists

Since SERVPRO specializes in mold and water restoration, you'll have help from experts in these fields. These professionals conduct assessments soon after arrival to determine what needs to be done. For instance, the workers may find that the mold is secondary damage from a more pressing problem.

4. Advanced Filtration Equipment

This may sound gross, but mold can live as microscopic spores in the air, especially in an area with high humidity. In order to get rid of it, SERVPRO professionals use a specialized method of filtration that involves HEPA vacuums and "air scrubbers". Doing so gets rid of the spores and stops the entities from spreading further.

If you discover black mold in your building, don't panic. SERVPRO experts can complete the remediation process with efficiency while you run your company.

Hotel Fire Safety for Vacationing Families

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Hotel word with golden letters on luxury hotel with beautiful columns Putting ourselves in situations where we have no control increases our chances of encountering a hotel fire caused by factors beyond our control.

Hotel Fire Safety For Families On Vacation

Everyone looks forward to arriving somewhere new on vacation, but leaving home means sacrificing a bit of control over our lives. Placing ourselves in environments far away from Punta Gorda, FL, means we run the chance of encountering a hotel fire caused by factors beyond our control. Here are some fire safety tips regarding holiday accommodations.

Hotel Room Fire Assessment

As soon as you enter your room:

  • Locate the closest building exits
  • Verify that there are fire alarms on your floor
  • Examine the evacuation plan on the back of your door

Inform everyone in your clan of what you have discovered. If your building lacks smoke detectors or a fire procedure notification, move to another hotel. Wherever you stay should be well attuned to fire prevention measures.

Hotel Room Fire Escapes

In the event of a hotel fire, leave in a quick and orderly fashion. Place shoes, pants, wallet, medication and keys by your bedside for easy access. As soon as fire alarms blare, make your exit even if you suspect it is only a drill or they are going off accidentally.

Before opening the door, feel for heat.

If it is warm, keep it closed. Fire may have engulfed the hallway. Windows sometimes lead to fire escapes, so use one if possible. If no escape ladder is present, lift the pane, lean outside and yell for help.

If conditions permit, shower with clothes on before entering areas covered in flame. Cover your mouth with a dampened washcloth to prevent smoke inhalation and stay low. With luck, you will escape unharmed, leaving you to recommend a professional disaster repair company to hotel management. Without a doubt, they will need to conduct a thorough fire restoration.

A hotel fire is the last thing you want to experience while relaxing in exotic lands. Use these tips to make sure you and your loved ones remain safe when exploring distant locales.