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An Insurance Claim for Flood Damage May Increase Your Premiums

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

Blue ballpoint pen, two antique brass keys and a home insurance claim from on a plywood clipboard Water damage can easily cause an insurance claim of many thousands of dollars. It also needs to be addressed right away.

Your Premiums May Rise If You File A Flood Insurance Claim.

Everyone likes insurance when they need it. No one likes paying for it, especially when the premium goes up due to a claim. Welcome to the world of homeowner’s insurance.
Your insurance company bases your homeowner’s premium on several factors, including:

  1. The value of what is insured.
  2. The risk factors that affect the likelihood and severity of potential claims in Fort Myers Shores, FL.
  3. Your history as a customer, including the number, value and type of claims you have filed.
  4.  The deductible or amount for which you are responsible before insurance starts paying.

Insurance Companies Calculate Premiums Differently

The best time to learn about how companies handle customers and calculate premiums is while shopping for insurance. Speak to the person who would be your agent. Ask questions. Learn how they process an insurance claim. Should you file small claims with this company or should you file only catastrophic claims? Know ahead of time what you will do if you experience damage from a home flood.

Notify Your Insurance Company Only If You Intend To Submit an Insurance Claim

You would like to think that your insurance company doesn’t care about damage to your home unless they pay for the repairs. That is not necessarily true. For example, if you call your agent about the possibility of submitting a claim and decide not to, that agent may be required to report that information back to the company. This report could cause your experience rating with the insurance company to suffer.

Homeowner’s Insurance Is There When You Need It

Water damage can easily cause an insurance claim of many thousands of dollars. It also needs to be addressed right away. If your insurance company approves the claim, but you delay the cleanup, mold may take over. Your insurance company may not cover mold remediation because your delay invited it. Your best option is to immediately bring in local water damage remediation specialists to eliminate the damage and bring life back to normal.

How To Handle a Toilet Overflow

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

An overflowing toilet SERVPRO has the tools and the knowledge to make sure all the excess water in your home is extracted, and all sewer damage is remedied.

What To Do If Your Toilet Overflows

Most people have to deal with a flooded toilet at some point. You press the handle, and the water rises, but instead of draining, it flows over the rim and onto your bathroom floor. Water from the toilet is most likely to be Category 3 water, which means it's highly contaminated. If your bathroom has sewer damage from an overflowing toilet, there are several steps you can take to mitigate the problem.

Assessing the Severity

If only a little water escapes and it doesn't contain fecal matter, you may be able to clean up the mess yourself. You will need to call a sewage company that specializes in water remediation, however, if certain factors are present:

  • A large amount of standing water on the floor
  • Wet, contaminated carpet
  • Water damage on walls, floors or cabinets

Professional mitigation technicians have the tools and the knowledge to make sure all the excess water is extracted, and all sewer damage is remedied.

Unstopping the Toilet

In order to prevent the toilet from overflowing again, you can take care of the problem that caused it to do so. If you can use a plunger to get rid of the clog, that is ideal. If your efforts do not produce any results, however, you may need to enlist the help of a plumber.

Sanitizing the Bathroom

No matter how big or small the problem is, any instance of a flooded toilet requires that all the surfaces impacted by the water be sanitized. Whether you hire professionals to take care of the disinfection or you decide to do it yourself, gloves can be worn to protect hands from the contaminated water. A benefit of hiring specialists to clean up your bathroom is that they can do post-cleaning tests to make sure the area is thoroughly sanitized.

If the toilet in your home in Fort Myers Shores, FL, overflows, you will likely need to hire professionals for the cleanup. They can assess the situation, mitigate the sewer damage and sanitize the room.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Water Damage?

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

A water damage in a bathroom Water damage at this Fort Myers home was caused when the toilet supply line burst over a weekend when the homeowners were away

When It Comes To Water Damage, How Long Does It Take To Fix?

Flooding caused by bursting pipes or some other plumbing disaster can affect your Fort Myers, FL, home on a variety of levels. Water can cause considerable damage to your large appliances, floors and furniture. When a flood occurs, you may be unsure about the extent of the trouble or how long it might take to fix. However, working with flood restoration professionals and your insurance company can help you create a working timetable for necessary repairs.

Location Matters

Where the flood took place can affect how long it takes to make repairs. For example, small or slow leaks in a utility room can be repaired quickly if they come from these sources:

  • a leaking water heater
  • a washing machine
  • a clogged sink

However, bursting pipes in your basement due to a sudden cold snap may take four days or more to repair, especially if the resulting flood waters are more than a few inches deep.

Plumbing Problems May Slow Repairs

Water damage can be slowed or stopped by shutting off the supply lines in your home. However, if you need to call a plumber in to fix a broken pipe, this may extend the repair process by several days, especially if you cannot find someone to come out right away. In the meantime, you can ask your flood restoration experts to remove standing water and begin repairs to your walls and floor if necessary, and contact your insurance agent to begin a claim.

Material Drying Can Affect a Timetable

If your floors and countertops were affected by a flood, the material they are made of can affect how long it may take to repair them. For example, hardwood floors may need to undergo a special drying process to ensure they do not warp or suffer discoloration.

Flooding in your Fort Myers, FL, can occur for many reasons. However, whether you are dealing with bursting pipes or a leaking appliance, being able to gauge how long it will take for repairs to be completed can help you feel more confident about their outcome.

What To Know About Water Heaters

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Water heater Periodically inspect your water heater and look for any signs of damage or build-up.

You can thank your water heater for the hot water that fuels your dishwashers, showers, and baths. These appliances are in almost every household and are used to heat up cold water that runs through the pipes. However, many homeowners don’t maintain their heaters as well as they should, which can increase the risk of water damage. Here are a few tips about this helpful appliance.

What Your Water Heater Does

The large cylinder contains a heating mechanism that heats the water inside. The water goes through a pipe within the machine and is heated. The heater is a great insulator, so the heat remains inside the cylinder and doesn’t escape into the air. The heated water within the appliance moves through the pipes to your faucet on demand.

Why The Heater Should Be Maintained
These appliances are large and full of water, so they can be a big hazard. Most steel tanks are glass-lined to prevent damage and leakage, but this doesn’t mean that problems can’t occur. If the heater suffers from a hole or piercing, it should be replaced quickly.
There are a few ways that these appliances can be damaged:

  • High pressure
  • Large sediment build-up
  • Rust

These issues can cause a lot of damage and might require you to get professional water damage repair.

How To Take Care of Your Water Heater
It’s important to take care of your home in Salvista, FL, by keeping an eye on your appliance. One of the best ways to maintain your heater is to flush it often.
To do this, first, drain away from the water. Once all the water has left the appliance through the pipes, refill it up halfway with cold water. Access the water heater flush panel to clear away sediment and fill up the heater with fresh water. This can help prevent blockage and reduce high pressure.
Periodically inspect your water heater and look for any signs of damage or build-up. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of water damage.

How To Fix a Wet Crawl Space: 6 Things You Need To Do

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

No one wants to deal with a wet crawl space in their home.

Six Things That Need To Happen

When there is flooding under your home in North Fort Myers, FL, it can lead to costly and exhausting problems down the road. To prevent mold and other types of damage, you should act soon as you notice a wet crawl space. If you are unsure where to begin, a flood remediation expert can offer professional assistance. Regardless of who does the work, here are six things that need to happen.

1. Protect the Floors Inside Your Home
If the only way to access your crawl space is through the interior of your home, make sure you cover the floors to protect them from any damages that may occur during the work.

2. Identify Water Source
With the help of some reliable work clothes and a flashlight, someone needs to crawl around the wet crawl space to identify where the water is coming from.

3. Dig and Fill a Trench
Next, it is time to start digging. Dig a trench around the entire foundation of your home, with about 1 to 2 feet of spacing between the foundation and the trench. Fill the trench with gravel.

4. Invest in a GFCI Outlet
Do not forget about safety. If you are not particularly handy, this may be another job for a professional, but you need to ensure the space under your house is safe with a protected GFCI power source. Always remember: Electricity and water do not mix.

5. Install a Sump Pump
After prepping the area for the work, water removal is next on the list. Typically, people install a sump pump to do this.

6. Air Things Out
Finally, you want to make sure you install better ventilation. This can help you prevent mold in the future by keeping everything dry.
No one wants to deal with a wet crawl space, but sometimes having one is an inevitable part of seasonal changes or severe weather. Knowing what to do when it happens can help you keep your home protected.

Is Your Water Intrusion a Concern?

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

When water invades a space, it becomes problematic for many reasons.

Is all moisture intrusion the same? Should commercial property owners worry about those drenched walls or floors? When floodwater invades a space, it becomes problematic for many reasons. The liquid itself contains hazards, contaminating the impacted rooms. Swift and efficient cleanup is required to restore the premises and keep operations running smoothly.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

Water exposure falls into several categories. Owners must identify the form first before proceeding with cleanup procedures. To understand which level is present, proprietors should consider the following three factors:

  • What is the origin of the flood water?
  • How much bacterial exposure occurred?
  • How much saturation exists?

Why Is This Information Important?
The answers to the above questions indicate what infiltrated the property. Category 1 is clean water arising from freshwater lines. Category 2 fluid contains some bacteria traces, often leaking from an appliance line such as the washing machine or dishwasher. Category 3 water proves the most concerning, stemming from a toilet overflow, an external flood or a sewer backup. More procedures are needed when the bacterial levels are higher.

How Should You Handle the Situation?
All flooding needs cleaning; however, Category 3 water demands swift, immediate attention with particular care. Fraught with microbes, it infests the property with high levels of bacteria. This infestation can spread within the facility if not handled immediately.
With any significant saturation, cut off the supply line, and have the primary issue fixed. Block off the area, restricting access. Then, work with a water remediation company in Punta Gorda, FL, to evaluate the extent of the devastation and begin prompt cleanup procedures.
Focus on minimizing water levels. Extract drenched items. These porous objects are unlikely to be thoroughly disinfected, so replacing them is the better option. Air out the impacted zone. Avoid using the air conditioner on high heat or cool because steady temperatures permit improved drying; instead, they run dehumidifiers and air movers.
When floodwater remains for extended periods, it can lead to increased hazards and rot. Identify what impacted the space, and then work to reduce the moisture levels and sanitize the area.

Why a Toilet Overflow Is Serious Business

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Any form of sewer damage is a serious issue

Why a Toilet Overflow Is Serious Business

Water loss in your home in Pirate Harbor, FL, is never a good thing, but some problems are more serious than others. Whenever sewer damage occurs in any form it is important to act quickly and safely. Contaminated water poses a health danger to all humans and pets in the household. It could contain microbes and pathogens that might lead to illness. Furthermore, dirty water from a flooded toilet or some other source can cause even more damage to your home than clean water. That's because when it penetrates flooring, drywall and insulation it is even harder to clean. It is also more likely to require the replacement of impacted areas of your home.

Why Working With a Professional Sewage Company Matters
Most households are not equipped to deal with the complexities of dirty water that leaks into living spaces. A water damage repair franchise has access to many valuable resources:

  • Trained and certified technicians
  • PPE equipment
  • Water vacuums
  • Air dryers
  • Professional cleaning agents
  • Advanced cleaning techniques

Sewage damage should always be taken seriously. Professionals will arrive on scene fast and begin with an inspection and damage assessment. They will make sure the scene is safe for everyone and cordon off impacted areas of the home if necessary. They are Here to Help and know that protecting people and property is the main goal.

Why Dealing With Dirty Water Is Not Uncommon
Contaminated water can plague a home in a variety of ways. Events such as a toilet spill, a flood, a broken pipe, or a shower backup all can spell trouble. Most people have to deal with one or more of these issues at some time or another. In each case, it is always important to act fast and call for professional help. Any form of sewer damage is a serious issue for both your home and your family members. It is important to act appropriately.

3 Steps to Manage a Kitchen Leak

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

A quick reaction to a leaking sink helps to prevent future damage to your home

Steps To Prevent A Leak From Flooding Your House

Have you ever opened the cabinet under the sink to grab a new sponge and been surprised to find a puddle of water? Even a minor leak isn't something to ignore because it won't go away on its own. There are three steps you should take to prevent a simple leak from flooding your house.

1. Shut Off the Water Supply
Turning off the water at the source will prevent more water from leaking out of your sink. Placing a pan or a bucket under the leak helps to catch any drips that happen as the water drains from the pipes. In the event of severe leaking that is flooding your kitchen, turning off the water supply will allow you to clean up the mess without creating a bigger one.

2. Call Your Insurance Company
Calling your insurance company to report damage is the quickest way to get the claims process going. Your insurance company will probably be able to help you find a water damage restoration professional who is local to Charlotte Park, FL, and whose services they cover. A kitchen repair can be costly if you try to do it yourself, so finding out how much help you can get through your insurance policy is a good place to start.

3. Call a Restoration Company
Once you've spoken with your insurance company, you can look for local water damage restoration professionals to come out and assess the damage. While a leaking kitchen sink may seem minor, it's possible that other parts of the pipe have leaked or that the cabinetry is damaged underneath the leak to a greater extent than you realized. Standing water in the home or excessive dampness can also cause mold to grow. When you clean up from a leak, you want to make sure that you've addressed all potential issues so that you don't have other problems in the future.
A quick reaction to a leaking sink helps to prevent future flooding and long-term damage to your home.

Sewage Damage: 3 Important Cleanup Steps

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

Use flood cuts within the wall

Three Important Cleanup Steps

Sewer cleanup is a methodical process. Not only does the area require drying, but it also needs meticulous sanitation. Sewage is a category 3 hazard, filled with microbes such as bacteria and fungus. The organisms easily permeate into porous items, making traditional soap or bleach cleaning only a superficial treatment. To truly restore the property, homeowners in Fort Myers Shores, FL, should ensure that the following three procedures happen.

1. Reduce Moisture Levels
The sewer backup drenched the location, seeping into spots that residences may not even consider. Furniture, carpet, grout, and dry wall could be impacted. If left alone, the humidity could foster mold spores to reproduce and leave a lingering musty odor. Focus on extracting dampness. Run fans and industrial dehumidifiers. Monitor the situation using a moisture meter.

2. Remove Contaminated Items
Part of sewer cleanup requires relocating, replacing and discarding. Look through the affected location. What is soaked? If something is movable and non-porous, bring it to another space. These pieces might be washed down and brought back in later on. Books, papers and paintings can bleed. Try putting them somewhere that prevents additional destruction. Materials with major impact might need to go to the curb as it could be impossible to guarantee organisms are destroyed. Electronics, upholstery and documents could be treated using high tech equipment. Consult with a water restoration company about various options.

3. Tear Out Damaged Structures
Burst pipes and a flooded toilet pose complications for the building. It's best to get rid of many of the parts to avoid future trouble. Use flood cuts within the wall. Look for the water line. Then take away two to three feet above that, ensuring defiled zones are gone. Pull out carpet padding as well. Second story cases might necessitate cutting holes within the ceiling. This reduces spore numbers and is an effective way to disinfect.
During sewer cleanup, people should place major emphasis on decreasing organism growth and excess wetness. These stages assist in restoring the property.

What Is Category 1 Water Damage?

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Some types of water damage are significantly less problematic to deal with than others

While flooding always spells trouble for a business owner, some types of water damage are significantly less problematic to deal with than others. Category 1 flooding contains only clean water, so you don't have to contend with any biohazards or contaminants during cleanup. Read more to find out how you can protect your building in Salvista, FL, from all types of flood damage.

What Are the Types of Flood Water?

Flood water can belong to one of three different categories. Each of these definitions is based upon the types of contaminants present:

Category 1: This type of flood damage contains clean water that is contaminant-free. In theory, it is safe for human and animal consumption, but you should still never attempt to drink it. Category 1 water can become dangerous if it comes into contact with any outlying biohazards or contaminants.
Category 2: This type of flood water does contain some contaminants but is still not considering very dangerous. It typically exists in the form of runoff from a dishwasher or a washing machine.
Category 3: Category 3 water damage, also known as black water, is extremely dangerous and should never be interacted with. It refers to flood water that has come into contact with fecal matter, sewage or some other type of raw biohazard.

Where Does Category 1 Water Come From?
Category 1 water can come from any freshwater supply in your building. A broken pipe or busted supply line can easily cause a flood of this nature.
You can prevent accidents from occurring by regularly inspecting your pipelines for damage and ensuring that your drains are free of clogs. You should repair any damage you find as soon as possible and dry any standing water you discover.
While clean water floods aren't nearly as problematic as their contaminated cousins, they still can cause a lot of damage to your business. Failure to resolve the situation properly can also result in more issues down the line. It's a good idea to contact flood remediation experts to make sure the problem is resolved properly.

We Have The Proper Techniques To Restore Your Fort Myers Home After A Water Damage Disaster

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

Steps that Ensure Balanced Water Removal from Your Fort Myers Property   

Water loss incidents happen very quickly due do issues such as failing pipes or appliances. However, the removal process takes several steps before the property can regain its preloss state.  Carrying out each step correctly, and in time, helps ensure the best outcome. We offer professional water removal services that help Fort Myers property owners avoid common pitfalls. 

Any pools of standing water left in the property after the spill are a cause for worry. Addressing such pools early during water removal from your Fort Myers home is essential because it minimizes your concerns. Doing it faster also has an added advantage because permeation in semi-porous materials is limited.  Fast removal of pooling water is possible with the right resources. For small pools, mops and buckets can do the job faultlessly. If there are vast amounts of water, advanced equipment might be necessary. Our SERVPRO teams have a wide variety of advanced water extractors they can choose from depending on the size of the job, including: 

  • Wet Vacs 
  • Portable Water Extractors 
  • Truck-Mounted Water Extractors 
  • HVE Ride-on Extractors 
  • Water Claws 

In ideal situations, the water damage that spills would pool within reachable areas. However, water loss incidents are rarely ideal, and water finds its way into wall cavities, subfloors, and other hard to reach areas.  Failure to remove such water can lead to problems like mold, wet rot, and even bad odor. To remove such water, you have to locate it first. Our SERVPRO technicians use thermal cameras and other detection tools for that. We then decide whether to do some demolition to facilitate drying or use advanced equipment such as injecti-dry systems and drying mats. 

Removing all traces of liquid water does not solve the entire problem. It is crucial to remove excess wetness in building materials and contents. Unlike the other steps where speed is the key, the drying phase requires a balanced approach. Some materials like wood can be ruined if they dry too fast.  Other problems like condensation can also occur when there is unbalanced drying. Our SERVPRO technicians make calculations and set a drying goal.  

In case of water loss in your Punta Gorda, Fort Myers Shores and North Fort Myers property call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda for a well-managed removal process. You can reach us at (941) 575-5910 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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How Water Damages Tile in Punta Gorda

7/18/2020 (Permalink)

Drying Out Water-Damaged Terrazzo Tile in Punta Gorda Homes

Many single-story ranchero homes throughout the Punta Gorda area feature intricate and skilled tilework. Not only does this provide an homage to the classic Spanish style in the construction of the home, but it also gives a unique aesthetic appeal that water loss disasters can quickly threaten. With so many smaller tiles making up floor and wall mosaics in actual terrazzo work, the number of joints and grouted areas in the material is also high. 

With the higher volume of grout points between individual tiles, water damage in Punta Gorda can quickly become a destructive factor for your home. Our SERVPRO professionals have a comprehensive approach to restoring these damaged areas of your property, and this starts with a prompt response to the emergency. The faster that our skilled professionals can reach your damaged residence, the less penetration that standing water and moisture have into surfaces like tile flooring and structural elements. 

Among the first steps that our team must begin when we arrive at a water- loss incident is to assess the severity of the situation. Our professionals have sophisticated moisture readers and detection equipment to determine the full scope of moisture and saturation for flooring materials and other affected areas of the property. This information can help to identify the best points to set up drying machines for this phase of recovery. 

For as water resistant as the tile itself might be whether porcelain, glass, or a polymer material, the grout for the joints is less impermeable. With enough time exposed to standing water or excessive moisture, grout can break down, and its seal against the tile can weaken and erode. With this degradation, water can pass through the grouted area into the subflooring and support materials to begin to adversely affect these areas and potentially allow for damaging effects like mold growth. 

Drying out these materials before too much damage occurs is a delicate and deliberate process that starts as soon as our SERVPRO professionals arrive at your home. We utilize many pieces of equipment, including our air movers, dehumidifiers, and even our Injecti-Dry System to provide a slow and constant draw off of excess moisture from the affected materials. 

Our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda team knows what it means to make water damage “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (941) 575-5910. 

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Keep Water at Bay While You’re Away

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

Clean the gutter of your home in Fort Myers, FL

Be Sure To Avoid a Water Disaster

The damage from a water leak in your Fort Myers, FL, home can be detrimental enough when caught immediately. So, when it happens while you’re away for days, what started as a small leak can develop into a flooded mess. As if that’s not enough, you then have to endure the expense of a water pipe repair and water damage restoration. Before leaving for vacation, be sure to avoid a water disaster by:

1. Cleaning the Gutters
Examine your gutters and make sure that they’re free of debris. Also, make sure downspouts are free of blockages.

2. Checking the Sump Pump
It’s important to make sure that your sump pump is in proper working order before you leave. Run the sump pump after filling the pit with water to make sure that it’s free of debris and working properly.

3. Looking for Leaks
A water leak can spring from a variety of sources. Inspect under sinks for plumbing leaks. Check around your appliances to make sure that hoses are undamaged and connected securely; examine refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and washing machine fittings. Make sure that your water heater is free of cracks. If you detect a plumbing leak, save yourself a lot of time and money by making a water pipe repair before you leave.

4. Insulating Pipes
If you’re vacationing in the winter and there’s a possibility of it getting below freezing, you’ll need to make sure that your pipes are protected. Sleeves and heat tape are available for quick and easy insulation. Be sure to leave the heat on in your home while you’re away to further protect the pipes from freezing. Also, leave the cabinet doors open to your sinks so that the pipes can have more exposure to your home’s heat.
If your home experiences a water disaster from a broken pipe, call a plumber for the water pipe repair. Then, you can count on water damage cleanup experts to return your home to its preloss condition as soon as possible.

Secondary Damage and its Effects on Your Home

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

Keep black mold away from your home and workplace. Know the seriousness of this type of damage.

If you experience a flood in your home, your primary concern is probably how much damage the water will inflict. Flooding can ruin drywall, carpet, building materials and even personal belongings. What comes next can be just as concerning if you don't know what to do about it. Black mold and other fungal growth can spread quickly after you have water problems in your house.

How Mold Forms

Mold spores are all around you. They float in the air outside and find their way inside your home through open doors and windows. Once in your house, colonies can appear and multiply rapidly. The following conditions encourage black mold and other fungal growth:

-Moist, damp environments
-Leaky appliances or pipes
-Humid areas with poor airflow

The Effects of This Damage

Secondary damage can pose challenges for you and everyone in your home. If you don't remove mold quickly, it can turn into a serious concern. Mold can appear on most surfaces and make them unfit for use. Professional mold removal companies often must throw out areas where mold formed in your house.


The most effective way to prevent this type of damage is to clean up after floods and other water issues immediately. After extracting all water, you should thoroughly dry the area. Open windows and ensure there is proper ventilation in your home, especially in areas of high humidity. The last step to prevent mold from showing up is to disinfect the spots where there was water.

The Right Cleanup Approach

If you only have a small area to clean up, you can handle secondary damage prevention alone. However, for larger areas, you should contact a team of professionals to help. The pros have the necessary equipment and experience to do the job correctly.

Keep black mold away from your home and workplace. Know the seriousness of this type of damage.

Commercial Water Damage Can Start When a Flood Subsides

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

The Damage Can Start as Soon as a Flood Subsides

With North Fort Myers commercial water damage, you are dealing with something that can negatively affect your entire business. As a company owner, you want to make sure that the business being run is going to attract customers and increase in value, not do the exact opposite. The most important thing to remember is that North Fort Myers commercial damage after a flood happens and continues even after the flood is taken care of by the professionals, like SERVPRO. Mold growth, weakened beams, and damaged walls from the commercial damage can affect the value of your company and cause it to experience major issues down the road.

After a flood subsides, the damage can begin right away and cause years worth of issues for you and your business partners. North Fort Myers commercial water damage can include anything from weakened beams in the floor to damaged walls and even electrical issues that might be as a result of a bad flood or leak. A lot of people also find that mold growth begins almost immediately after a flood. Mold spores love damp and humid areas that might be caused by a flood that your business has recently experienced and has dealt with on its own.

The damage done by a flood can be incredibly difficult to deal with on your own, but it can also be incredibly problematic for your business. If you have recently dealt with a flood of your office building or commercial building, in general, it might be time to think about having the experts come in and do the cleanup. You can spend time on what matters most to you, and that is your business.

The professionals at SERVPRO are experienced and highly trained when it comes to dealing with commercial water damage. They can get rid of excess water and moisture in an area to prevent mold growth. They will also be able to assess the overall damage to see what else might have to be taken care of to ensure that the building is back to its former glory. When you contact SERVPRO, they will send out an expert to evaluate the damage and let you know what has to be done for it to be restored.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda is close by and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the North Fort Myers community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

How Water Leaks in Ceilings Cause Damage to Fort Myers Properties

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

Leaks in the ceiling can cause not only water damage, but mold. SERVPRO is always on call for fast, effective restoration.

Ceiling Leak Creates Need for Water Removal in Fort Myers 

No matter what you may have heard, if your furnishings receive water damage, if the cleanup begins quickly, there is the potential to save those items from loss.  

When SERVPRO technicians handled water removal in a Fort Myers property, due to a pipe burst in a ceiling that lead to gallons of water saturating the carpet and sofa below, the homeowner blotted up all the water she could before the technicians arrived. Upon arrival, the technicians removed the damaged ceiling materials to open the floor joists for drying. 

Water Extraction

The techs use powerful pumps to pull the water out of the carpet and padding and do several passes to lift as much moisture as possible out. They also have upholstery attachments to remove the water from the cushions and frame.  

Each Furniture Restoration is Unique

The construction materials that make up the furniture determine the restoration potential. Hardwood frames absorb water but often respond to careful drying. Composite wood furnishings general begin to deteriorate upon exposure to water and often are a loss.  

Professional Equipment and Drying Methods

Drying wet sofas and other furnishings require specialized equipment as well as techniques. SERVPRO techs frequently dry sofa cushions by "tenting" them and setting them upright leaning on each other. Air movers pointed directly at the furniture causes embedded moisture to rise where the dehumidification equipment captures and removes it.  

They have different drying applications for carpet and hardwood flooring, including floating carpets to dry the padding and carpet in place. Floor mats force warm, dry air into hardwood flooring and help homeowners avoid having to replace it.

Proactive Mold Treatments

SERVPRO techs hold certifications in mold remediation #MSMR 2529, and they know the conditions that encourage mold infestations as well as the warning signs of active mold. They have cleaning agents and antimicrobial solutions to stop mold spore germination before it starts, leaving the furnishings both cleaned and sanitized.  

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 for fast, efficient water removal from your property and contents. The certified technicians arrive quickly and return your home to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened." 

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Our Technicians Can Save Your Water Damage Carpeting In Fort Myers

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Once your carpet has successfully dried, we can replace it to make it seem, “Like it never even happened.”

How Rapid Water Cleanup Can Save Your Fort Myers Carpeting

It is common for homes in Fort Myers to have comfy carpeting on floors. However, this comfy floor covering can quickly become a nightmare to deal with after a leak in your home. Flooding in homes can come from a wide range of sources but can be more serious than you might assume. The most serious incidents resulting from burst pipes can result in as much as hundreds of liters of water flowing into your home.

When disaster strikes in the form of serious water discharge, it is important to contact professionals who can skillfully remedy the situation in a short time frame. Water damage restoration technicians (WRT) from SERVPRO offer water cleanup services for Fort Myers homes. Standing water can eventually percolate through the vapor barriers in carpeting and cause serious damage. Once soaked, carpet loses half of its adhesive strength and can permanently delaminate if left underwater for too long. Once delaminated, the carpet must be removed, discarded, and replaced, a process that can be both time consuming and expensive for homeowners.

To help prevent you from incurring such costs, we use industrial grade wet vacs to quickly clean up water from your home. Due to its porous and spongy nature, carpet both easily absorbs and releases water. While this makes it easier for water damage to occur, it also allows our techs to rapidly dry your carpets. After using specialized carpet removal tools, wet sections can be peeled off of your floor and air dried. Additionally, we can use moisture detectors to examine the exposed subflooring for water damage. Once your carpet has successfully dried, we can replace it to make it seem, “Like it never even happened.”

To avoid the stressful and time-consuming re-carpeting process, it is important that you get on the phone with water cleanup professionals as soon as possible. SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda can be contacted at any time at (941) 575-5910, so call now to begin speaking to one of our emergency dispatchers.

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SERVPRO Says to Fort Myers Shores Condo Owners-Look for Water Damage

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Sneaky Water Leaks Lead to Damage--Call SERVPRO

Signs of Hidden Water Damage in Your Fort Myers Shores Home

Water damage can at times be challenging to notice especially when the water leakage happens quite slowly. The following hidden signs will help you to notice some water damage in your home:

 A rise in your water bill
You may note that your water bill has risen gradually over the months without an obvious cause or even a notice of an increase in water rates. This change should ring in your mind that there might be a problem of water damage in your Fort Myers Shores home.

Paint or wallpaper peeling
If you notice a spot or a section of your house where the wallpaper has peeled and is slowly detaching from the wall, it may be a sign of water damage. The paint may also peel off and appear wet and at times appear like an overhanging layer on the wall. Upon such indications, contact our SERVPRO team so that we handle the water damage for you promptly.

Wall discoloration
When you find the color of your walls or ceiling changing or appearance of some blackish or grayish spots on your wall or ceiling, it might be a sign of water damage near or at that particular point. On the ceiling, a colored ring will be visible. If you give us a call at SERVPRO, our team of professionals will take care of the water damage timely enough before the damage destroys your wall.

 Strange dripping sound
When there is a total silence especially at night, if you hear some strange water dripping sound on the floor or water sinks of your house, it may suggest water leakage.

A strange foul odor
If you notice a strange foul odor within your house especially coming from a corner of a wall or under the couches, it might be a hidden water damage sign. The water might have stagnated for some time hence becoming smelly.
Water damage if noticed late or goes unnoticed for quite a long time can lead to significant damage if not resolved. Be sure to contact us at (305) 278-8484 and our SERVPRO of Ft Myers / Punta Gorda can begin to help with the water cleanup and restoration.

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Our Professionals Will Respond Fast To Your Fort Myers Shores Home Restoration

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Our trucks are loaded with the necessary water restoration equipment so they can be dispatched on a moment's notice. We are here for you 24/7.

Risks of Standing Water on Vinyl Floors in Fort Myers Shores Homes

Substantial water loss incidents that occur in your Fort Myers Shores home can leave you contending with several effects simultaneously. While you might not know where to begin, addressing the standing water on your floors must take priority. This condition can continually damage exposed materials, weakening and compromising their ability to withstand weight demands and function properly. Certain flooring materials are more susceptible than others, such as vinyl faux wood planks.

Vinyl flooring options are often an affordable option for those renovating their Fort Myers Shores homes, but without fast water removal services during emergencies, this material can become quickly compromised. Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24-hour response to emergencies, offering the full measure of our industry-leading equipment to quickly extract and dry out damaged materials and structural elements within your house.

This flooring material is often a tongue and groove installation, which only leaves small seams between the planks. With standing water, however, moisture and direct water penetration can infiltrate these vulnerabilities to get beneath the flooring quickly. Not only can this saturate the subflooring over a brief period, but it also can provide universal exposure of each affected flooring plank with saturation happening both above and below it.

The SERVPRO technicians dispatched to your home understand the threat of warping and distortion that can begin in as little as 24 hours with saturated vinyl flooring. We can bring in our portable sump pumps and gas-powered trash pumps to promote fast extraction in every affected space. Once the excess gets removed, our technicians can focus on using our air movers, dehumidifiers, and installing the injecti-dry system and drying mats to penetrate beneath the planks and steadily draw out moisture.

While you have several materials likely affected by the substantial water removal incident, protecting your flooring is possible with the right response and equipment. Our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda rapid response team is available 24/7 to help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (941) 575-5910.

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If Your Have Water Damage Issues In Your Fort Myers Home, Call Our Experts For Help!

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Call us 24/7, so we can help with leaks, spills, and floods at (941) 575-5910.

Hunting For Water Damage In Fort Myers

Knowing whether you have a water damage problem in your Fort Myers home may not always be a simple conclusion to make. While flooding and some types of leaks may become painfully obvious to you, other problems requiring the help of a restoration company like SERVPRO may not be apparent without further attention. Here are a few of the signs our inspectors will look for when locating water damage in your home. Find them on your own, and you can save us valuable time in identifying and addressing the problem.

Many things can cause discoloration, including other types of home damage, but you should specifically look for colors that closely match the hue of some nearby material. Most discoloration that results from water damage in your Fort Myers home appears as a circular patch or as a streak from top to bottom, but may sometimes appear in unusual shapes as well, such as when structural supports prevent water from flowing one way or another.

Sounds such as drips and rushing water may be easily noticed indicators of a leaking or burst pipe behind a wall, but other sounds may indicate damage as well. Failing pipes can make a wide variety of noises, including some that defy common explanation. Many haunted houses are later found to house water leaks rather than ghosts!

Unusual Smells
The smell of water mixing with drywall, plywood, and other building materials may clue you into an otherwise unnoticeable leak in the building. If you do not know what these damages would smell like, just be on the lookout for any unusual smell areas, especially in combination with other warning signs. Some foul and musty odors may also be caused by mold growth, a common side effect of water damage.

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda can help your household deal with any water damage crisis you may face. Call us 24/7, so we can help with leaks, spills, and floods at (941) 575-5910.

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The 72 Hour Clock is Ticking After Water Damage in Your Fort Meyers Home

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Appliance connections are common places that water leaks occur.

Water Damage in Your Fort Myers Home – Addressing the Problem Like a Pro

As a Fort Myers homeowner, water damage is the last thing you want to deal with. Like fire, water is a destructive element that can lead to many problems. For instance, it promotes mold growth on your walls, ceiling, and floor. Also, it causes damage to your valuables and ruins the structure of your home. So, the question is how do you address water damage?

Have a separate insurance policy:

Leaky roofs, faulty plumbing, and broken appliances are sources of water damage in Fort Myers homes. As a homeowner, it is essential to differentiate water damage from flood damage. In case water from faulty plumbing accumulates in your home, your home insurance may not cover it.

Want the insurance company to reimburse you for damages? Have a separate insurance policy for flood and water damage. You can get this through the National Flood Insurance Policy. When making a claim, make a clear distinction between flood or water damage.

Always address the problem immediately:

If you detect a leak in your home, do not wait until it is too late. Address the problem immediately otherwise your insurance company may not cover the damage. Also, it may lead to secondary issues such as mold growth. As a result, you may have to dig deeper into your pocket to make repairs in your home.

When you detect a leak in your home, you have a 72-hour window to address the problem. Otherwise, you are going to expose your family to potential health effects.

The pollution levels of water:

Water pollution falls into three categories.

Category 1 – refers to water that originates from a clean source. For example, a faucet or broken water supply lines. This water does not cause illness.

Category 2 – refers to water that may contain biological, chemical and physical contaminants. This water can cause illness. Also called “grey water,” it originates from sump pump failure or the dishwasher.

Category 3 – refers to unsanitary water. Also called black water, it contains harmful bacteria, unsanitary agents and fungi. It can cause severe sickness. Sources include sewage or standing water. 

At SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda, we are experienced in mitigating water damage. We use advanced extraction and drying equipment to make your home safe again. If you need the help of water damage technicians, call our 24/7 emergency line at (941) 575-5910.

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Drying the Structure is Vital to Water Damage Restoration in Fort Myers

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Finding out that your home has suffered water damage can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO for complete water damage remediation.

Team SERVPRO Responds Quickly and Provides a High Level of Service to Our Customers

When your home suffers significant water damage in Fort Myers, calling professionals may help prevent further damages to your property and belongings. Our trained and skilled technician’s number one goal is to return the affected areas and items in your home to their preloss condition when possible. You can trust that our crew to do all they can to make it look “Like it never even happened.”
Our SERVPRO water damage team in Fort Myers is professional and dedicated to restoring your home and aim to make customers feel safe and comfortable. We have over 1500 franchises nationwide and have been serving America since 1967. Through the years, our company has been helping homeowners recover from water damages across the United States. We respond fast and come prepared to work. Typically, our crew can be on-site within four hours to help protect the structure and your personal property. Working fast can reduce the need to replace items and can help our clients save money on the restoration of their home. Plus, quickly responding may help lower insurance rates.
Our SERVPRO techs are trained, uniformed and equipped professionals that you can trust to walk you through the job process. Our technicians undergo extensive water restoration training and certification and attend an IICRC-approved school to help ensure our training meets and surpasses exceeds industry standards. We have over 5,000,000 square feet of building space and house over 140,000 pieces of cleaning and restoration equipment, which means you can depend on our team to have the proper resources to restore your residence.
Once we extract the water, it is essential to dry the structure. The team can use specialized test equipment to locate hidden water. We understand how to thoroughly dry the affected areas as well as your personal property effectively. The team uses psychometrics, which is the study of air and its properties, to create the right atmosphere to dry the structure. We measure the properties of temperature, humidity, vapor pressure and dew point to measure air conditions inside the structure. Doing so allows for more efficient drying. Water can damage materials either by absorption through direct contact or by absorption of moisture from the environment. Measuring the level of moisture in the air is critical to the drying process and can help reduce damages.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda water damage services are available 24/7. Contact us at (941) 575-5910.

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Water Damage Pack Out -- What Assistance To Expect For Documents And Furnishings In Fort Myers

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SERVPRO Provides Pack-Outs and Freeze-Drying to Preserve Fort Myers' Property Owners Possessions After Water Damage

SERVPRO Provides State-of-the-Art Options for Recovery of Possessions Post Water-Damaging Events

In Fort Myers water damage scenarios can be very dramatic, the result of seasonal storms that can trend toward hurricane force. Other water damage to local residences link to more mundane events like plumbing leaks, appliance overflows, or a neglected tub spilling out onto the floor. Any source of water can do damage not only to your home’s structure but also to your personal possessions and furnishings. We can help with all these issues.
When we arrive at your Ft. Myers home to assess water damage one of the first things we consider is whether to pack out some or all furnishings and personal possessions. If the space affected by water damage is extensive, organizing and moving out items help the on-site crew focus on water removal and structural drying. Transporting property to a dry spot on your premises or our production space also gives our personal property restoration specialists a chance to evaluate damage to clothing, electronics, books, documents, and other articles without the distraction of the water mitigation project ongoing in the house.
SERVPRO’s Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) provides the structure and recordkeeping as we select and pack up items. This system offers homeowners a chain of command for the personal property we remove. We also take digital photos of some of the items depending on their degree of damage or intrinsic value.
One benefit of moving furnishings to a separate triage area is the opportunity to set up a drying space away from the standing water and high humidity in your water damaged structure. A mini containment zone constructed of heavy plastic sheeting allows SERVPRO technicians to concentrate applied drying strategies on a few water damaged items at a time, We can balance air movement, heat, and dehumidification more easily, causing the moisture in the furnishings to transform to vapor more efficiently. The vapor is then condensed and captured or absorbed, leaving the furnishings dry.
Water damage to important documents is of particular concern during the pack out. SERVPRO technicians access a unique freeze-drying technique to remove water vapor from documents, books, and pictures without allowing the water to transition through the liquid state (sublimation). Lyophilisation or cryodesiccation are other names for the technique, employing a freezing temperature dehydration process. The damaged items are frozen, placed in a pressurized chamber, and then the ice is eliminated by sublimation.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda takes pride in restoring not only your house but also your possessions when water damage threatens permanent harm. Call us anytime at (941) 575-5910 to request our trained technicians assess your needs and start the recovery process.

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A Leaky Pipe Can Lead To Widespread Water Damage In Your Ft. Myers Home

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Time is of the essence when pipes burst. Our SERVPRO team can respond immediately and take care of your water damage emergency.

Leaky Pipes Can Lead To A Big Water Damage Problem In Your House

A dripping pipe might not seem like that considerable of a problem for your Fort Myers home, but there is a clear indication from its presence that something is in the early stages of going very wrong. With the slightest influx of pressure through this line, this small leak could provide enough disturbance to separate or rupture this joint of plumbing completely. What you face now is a higher volume of water which can spread through a wide area of this level of your home in a short period.

While you work quickly to get this supply of water shut down from flowing through this network of pipes, unfortunately, the water damages have already occurred for the most part to your Fort Myers residence. Overcoming them now means working as efficiently as possible to pull up the pooled water and to dry the area thoroughly. Failure to remove all of the lingering moisture could allow for unsettling occurrences like mold growth.

From the moment that our experienced SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, we work quickly to assess the full scope of the damage and determine what equipment we need to restore your home back to original condition. Once we have a plan in place, our professionals set out to repair the damage to the source of the water damage, and remove any unsalvageable building material to get later replaced.

Extraction is not always a necessity, but this would be among the first steps taken. Drying plays a critical role in the restoration process, because failure to clear out all the dampness, moisture and saturated materials can lead to worsening structural damages or microbial growth that extends the time for restoration.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While a leaking pipe might not seem all that dire, with the right circumstances, severe water loss incidents can occur with little to no warning. The best thing that you can do is to take care of these instances as you find them, but if the damage is already done, trust our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda professionals to help you clean up the mess. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (941) 575-5910.

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Water Removal from Fort Myers Homes

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The key to restoring a flooded home is fast water removal, SERVPRO responds quickly to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO When You Experience Water Damage in Your Home

Most Fort Myers homes have recovered from the extreme storms of last year, but that does not mean everyone is high and dry. Despite the effects of hurricanes and other extreme weather problems, most water problems in area homes come from much more mundane sources like failed plumbing.

Regardless if it is a rusted out water heater or a split washer hose, Fort Myers water removal efforts are much the same. SERVPRO teams know that the key to preserving area homes is removing the standing water as quickly as possible.

The two primary tools technicians use for water removal are pumps and water extraction wands. Our teams have access to a variety of pumps so they can tailor to each home the device required to return it to a dry, safe condition. Large homes may need more than one pump with a high capacity rate while small apartments and attic lofts require smaller pumps to access everywhere. Since the water is treated and not stormwater, our teams pump it directly into the nearest storm drain.

Now, our IICRC certified technicians switch to the extraction wands. Most of the types our teams use are portable and connect to a holding rolling behind the operator or strapped to his back. For large homes and commercial buildings, our offices also have extractors that connect to the facility or an outside power source and a holding tank also outside the structure.

These devices also have adjustable heating, vacuum, and speed levels. Each is very important so that each user can adjust the operation to match the type of carpet. If one, or all three are turned too high, the increased temperature and pull can separate the upper layer of the carpet from the others instead of properly drying it. That forces the owner to replace a carpet that a SERVPRO team could have restored to its original condition.

The goal of SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is to help each owner return to a safe, dry home after a disaster. If you are dealing with a failed washing machine or a leaky pipe, call our office at (941) 575-5910 today with any questions or to schedule a visit.

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The Benefit Of Professional Restoration Services For Water Damage In Your Fort Myers Home

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Perhaps one of the most typical of these culprits that threaten your Fort Myers residence is water damage.

Professional Restoration Services For Water Damage

Despite what many homeowners might think, your house did not get constructed to be impervious to disaster or damages. While you can work hard to keep your exterior in prime condition and potential hazards like trees trimmed back, the shocking news is that a large part of the threats to the structural integrity and comfortable living in your Fort Myers home happens on the inside.

Perhaps one of the most typical of these culprits that threaten your Fort Myers residence is water damage. It can occur in numerous ways, so it is one of the most challenging of circumstances to prevent. While outdated appliances tend to be a huge contributor to water emergencies in homes, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to causes. Fortunately, SERVPRO technicians have the training and expertise to employ the latest techniques and equipment to restore the damage to your home quickly.

Regardless of the cause of the damage to your home, acting quickly to get the problem resolved is in your best interest. The longer that water and moisture get permitted to inhabit an area and surround structural components and construction materials, the more damage that ultimately results. This reality is what makes SERVPRO such a wise choice for restoration efforts, as we work quickly to clean up the mess and dry up the moisture to prevent further damages from occurring.

Drying the area is one of the primary components of the restoration process for your home. This component showcases equipment like our industrial strength dehumidifiers and air movers to start drawing moisture from the surfaces and environment in the affected areas. To prevent the possibility of mold growth while the area is damp and warm, our technicians also typically utilize air scrubbers with HEPA filters to catch mold spores before they can find a food source and colonize.

There are numerous things to consider when it comes to water damage in your residence. Fortunately, this is nothing that you have to face alone. Trust the experience and professionalism of SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda to help you clean up the mess and return your property to pre-damage condition. Give us a call anytime at (941) 575-5910.

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Water Damage Restoration Options For Residents Of Fort Myers

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Keep the Water at the Beach and Not in Your Fort Myers Condo

Fort Myers Condos and Homes Sometimes Need Water Damage Restoration--Call SERVPRO

If you are a homeowner, you know water damage is a significant threat to any home. This most treasured liquid can cause significant damage to your Fort Myers property. As a result, mold can quickly grow and spread all over the house within 48-72 hours. Therefore, you need professionals with outstanding experience, and prompt response to do away with excess water that may lead to a mold infestation.

You need to treat an incident of water damage in Fort Myers as an urgent issue and contact restoration professionals. If you are working with SERVPRO as your preferred service provider, our technicians start by performing a detailed assessment. During the assessment, we identify the source of the water, the type of the water - whether black, gray or clean water. We also look at the extent of the damage and block or move your contents to protect them from stains and rust. The amount of the water, whether standing and flooding or simply a large spill on a tile floor or carpet dictates the proper cleanup and drying service.
Molds thrive in moist areas, and as a result, our team uses dehumidifiers to remove the moisture. We also ensure that all cooling, heating systems, and fans are switched off when extracting moisture. When restoring your property, we usually maintain the indoor humidity to not more than 45%.
Our team uses antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to get rid of mold colonies. The mold may cause health effects, and we know walls and ceilings provide them with an excellent thriving ground. That is why our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians start with cleaning the floors and walls before deodorizing them to lessen their chances of reappearing.
Our SERVPRO technicians eliminate the unpleasant odors that are normally from hard to locate rotting materials. We use thermal fogging equipment for deodorization to control the bad smell. While each water damage situation is different and necessitates for an exceptional solution, a comprehensive professional solution not only mitigates losses but helps to prevent future problems from the water intrusion.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is a trusted leader that responds to all storm, fire, mold, and water damage incidents. Call us today at (941) 575-5910 for reliable restoration services.

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Water Damage Structural Restoration In Fort Myers

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring your home after water damage needs to start as quickly as possible and accomplished rapidly.

Water Damage Restoration

Fort Myers residents are sick of water. Unless it comes in a bottle and fizzes in a glass, many of us do not want to see it or even hear the word. Getting rid of it and the damage it left has been our priority for several weeks.

Now that we have the worst of the clean-up accomplished, it is time to look at the structural property we can restore. If water damage to a Fort Myers home is not too severe or underwater for too long, then SERVPRO technicians can clean and restore many items that appear unsalvageable.

Since there is always moisture trapped within carpets and floors, we use water extraction wands to draw out any water. In a large carpet, that can mean over a hundred pounds of water SERVPRO technicians must remove before lifting the carpet to remove the carpet pad and dry the concrete or wood floor underneath.

If there is a wood floor, we use the same wands to draw out water from between the floorboards. Technicians check the boards to see if they are soaked. If they are, we use one or more air movers to blow warm, dry air over the surface to dry them.

While the floors are drying, we examine any floor trim and walls that were exposed. Our technicians easily remove floor trim to hang out to dry and then drill holes into the drywall behind it. This procedure allows us to examine behind the wall for water using a moisture meter and remove it using an air mover to force the damp air out of the space. We may drill additional holes near the floor or behind ceiling trim to increase air circulation.

If the drywall absorbed too much water, it begins to deteriorate quickly. SERVPRO recommends removing and replacing the entire panels. It is cheaper to do so than spend the labor hours attempting to cut out the damaged section and cut new ones to fit. New panels also provide a smoother surface for us to paint.

Restoring your home after water damage needs to start as quickly as possible and accomplished rapidly. SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda has decades of experience in home restoration and works to put you back into your residence as soon as we can safely do so. To set up an appointment or if you have any questions, call us today at (941) 575-5910.

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Water Removal Services for the Fort Myers Area After Hurricane Irma

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can quickly inspect your home for home and begin water restoration services to return your home to its original condition.

Restoring Water Damaged Homes After Irma

The recent hurricane has devastated parts of Florida; we have entire towns still without power a week later. Each day that a home remains under water increases the amount of damage to both personal and structural property.

Water removal in Fort Myers after Irma is a serious problem across the state and not just here in Lee County. SERVPRO has been augmented by our Large Loss Team and now has multiple franchise offices from across the country helping us to put homes and lives back in order.

With every home we walk into, our technicians start with a quick inspection to determine the extent of the flooding and what equipment is needed. If water is still flowing into the home, we try to block or redirect it.

If we cannot stop it, however, that does not stop us. If there is a way to remove water from the home and not have it re-enter or go into another structure, we use it. It may involve using multiple hoses to drain the water to a point many yards from the home where it goes into a storm drain or a nearby creek. To do this, we use commercial grade pumps to remove standing water quickly. For these larger amounts of water, we use multiple pumps if they are available.

Once we have the majority of the water out of the home, technicians change out the pumps for water extraction wands. These devices are specially designed to draw water out of wood floors and carpets without damaging them. The wands remove most of the remaining water, leaving moisture trapped underneath floors or in carpet pads.

To eliminate this final amount, we lift the carpets and take out the pads underneath. After several days under water, these pads have already started to deteriorate and cannot be dried using equipment or by being hung out in the sun. Before we lay the carpet back down, even temporarily, our IICRC-certified technicians may use the extraction wands again or a squeegee to remove any remaining moisture from the concrete surface.

With the carpets still lifted, we check behind walls for trapped water. If we find it, technicians remove floor trim and drill holes in each affected drywall panel to drain it. To speed up removing any remaining moisture, we use air movers to blow warm, dry air behind the panels. If they are already crumbling in place, we recommend to the homeowner that we remove and dispose of them immediately. Doing so helps to dry out the wall framing and other, salvageable panels.

Restoring our homes is going to take a long time, but SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is here to the end. If you need our services, please call today at (941) 575-5910 to schedule one of our inspectors and get started on the road to recovery. We are here for you and all of our neighbors.

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Water Damage Causing Grief And Embarrassment In Your Fort Myers Home

8/25/2017 (Permalink)

When guests come for a visit to your Fort Myers home, ugly water damage can become a source of constant embarrassment.

Water Damage

Daily tasks involving hygiene involve water, soap, and other items. Bathrooms, especially around tub and shower areas, are designed to be watertight. However, over time, the materials that seal these areas can disintegrate and allow moisture to enter into areas where it soon causes deterioration. Once inside, this moisture can become trapped or travel within the walls to other parts of your home.

When guests come for a visit to your Fort Myers home, ugly water damage can become a source of constant embarrassment. Many people decide to say nothing when their hosts' bathroom has obvious damage from exposure to water, but that does not make it go away.

When you notice that your ceiling's paint is flaking off or that debris is washed out from behind the shower's wall each time you clean the stall, you are viewing one way that water damages a home. Children, including teens, enjoy peeling paint while watching how much can be pulled off at a time. Doing this can increase the appearance of damage already present.

Our technicians at SERVPRO can help you regain your gorgeous bathroom once again. Our team has certified Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) who know the procedures outlined by the IICRC. These are internationally accepted methods that continually prove they are the most effective in restoring a home. You can have your bathroom and all other sections of your home that were affected, restored back to beautiful condition again.

Sealing up where caulking disintegrated and fell apart is a bad idea as it can trap moisture inside the wall. This moisture needs to be eliminated first. Because it may have moved to other areas in your home, we use hygrometers and moisture detectors to reveal hidden areas that contain moisture. After removing the hidden water, we can begin to restore materials too damaged for salvaging. We do our best to keep this to a minimum, but doing so is not always possible.

After replacing and restoring the area, we are always careful to clean up after ourselves. Our employees are dedicated and helpful individuals who want to see our customers receive the fullest benefit of our efforts. With a fully restored and once-again gorgeous bathroom, you can forget about being embarrassed when guests visit you and your family.

When you call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910, we are always ready to take your call and explain how water damage can harm your home as it spreads from one affected area into the next one.

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How SERVPRO Gets Your Fort Myers Living Room Smelling Fresh After Water Damage

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water Odors in Fort Myers Face Elimination with the Use of Hydroxyl Generators and Foggers

Lingering Odors from the Effects of Water Leaks Need Addressing

A leak or other water problem in the home is not something any homeowner wants. Water can get in via a burst pipe, a faulty appliance, or by seeping through from a leaking bath, faucet or toilet. Even after the initial cleanup and drying is completed there can still be a lingering musty smell. While there is still an unpleasant scent, it is hard to feel that your home is your own again, even if everything else is dried out. Thankfully SERVPRO is on hand to assist with every aspect of cleanup from drying to getting your home smelling fresh again.

Unpleasant odors can linger after water damage in the great room of your Fort Myers home. There are several ways our technicians can combat those bad smells and get your home to its old self.
Injection or simply direct spraying is useful for small areas of upholstery or carpet, especially in cases where lifting the carpet or carpet pad is not practical. Sometimes a small area is the root of the problem, and a simple, direct disinfectant treatment is all that is needed to rectify this.
Air scrubbers do as the name suggests and scrub the air to remove unwanted particles – this includes bad smells. Air scrubbers work by passing the air in your lounge through a powerful HEPA filtration system. The machine filters up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and is effective against odors. These scrubbers also help if the water odors are mingled with those of smoke after a fire mishap to your property.
Wet fogging is carried out by a piece of equipment called an ultra-low volume fogger. Deodorant is dispersed using a very fine water mist. The fogging particles are tiny enough to penetrate most materials and thus can get deep into most places where bad smells hide. SERVPRO technicians are trained to apply just the right amount of fog to get deep into materials without over saturating them or risking water damage.
In some cases, our IICRC-certified technicians use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity of your home. Whether this is necessary depends upon the extent of the water damage and the subsequent moisture levels in the air. Using a dehumidifier reduces moisture in the air and, as well as drying out your room, helps to combat that tell tale damp smell.
Do not despair if your home smells after a leak. Call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 for assistance.

Water Damage Can Be Messy in Fort Myers

10/26/2016 (Permalink)

Leaky Faucets and Water Damage to Your Fort Myers Condo

From Pests to Walls, Water Damage Can Be the Cause

Water is needed by every living thing on the planet, but when it's not serving its purpose and is somewhere that it shouldn't be, water can cause thousands of dollars in damage. This is true when it is present in even small amounts. As long as water or moisture remains present in your home, it can cause more damage to your home and the furnishings within it.
Fort Myers homeowners who have water damage inside of their properties often find out the hard way that their home's value has plummetted in value when they attempt to sell their home. You can keep this from happening to you by having water damage taken care of when it happens. Water can cause damage regardless of the source, so it's just as important to keep bathroom floors as dry as possible by using floor mats outside of tubs and showers as it is to close windows when the wind is blowing rain into your home. The same applies to fixing any leaks that develop at the top of your faucets as it is below, inside the cabinet. Water is water, and just because it is clean doesn't mean it won't cause damage.
When you have water damage, you can also have other problems. Moisture is required for many pests, especially insects. By providing one of the resources that household pests not only cannot store for later use but also cannot carry to their nest, you allow conditions to become more suitable for them to live in your home. This can lead to the destruction of interior walls, pathogens and allergens from those pests to contaminate your home, and other problems to happen.
We have training and certifications that give us the skills to restore your home so that additional challenges in the future aren't as likely to happen. If you notice signs of water damage such as bubbled paint or wallpapers coming loose, don't wait to call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910. We can help you stop water damage before it affects other areas of your home before costs for repair become even greater.

Water Damage to Roofing

8/18/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda

Roofing and Water Damage 

During storms with heavy winds and rain, many homes are tested in their structural stability and building materials. One part of the home commonly damaged in a storm is the roof, which is in many cases composed of materials which easily come off or sustain damage during a storm. Worse, in some cases, the removal of these roofs can cause significant water damage to the structure below. Ultimately, not all roofs are created equal, and we have seen that many roofs sustain much more damage than others during a storm. Here's what you can expect from your roof, should it sustain damage.

Tile Roofs

Probably the most common type of roofing on American homes, it is also the most commonly damaged. Roof tiles are often blown off with heavy winds, and depending on the build of the home, can expose the interior below to water damage in Fort Myers. These roofs are often the first to go during a hurricane or tornado, as well, although, are fairly strong at waterproofing where heavy winds are absent.

Metal Roofing

Possibly the strongest variety of roofing material, metal roofing holds up well in heavy winds and rain. This roofing material is also very strong against physical damage, such as falling trees or wind-carried objects. SERVPRO technicians have noticed that this type of roofing is popular with commercial and industrial buildings but is, unfortunately, uncommon among residences due to its poor aesthetic qualities. One form of water damage that is common to this type of roofing, however, is rust and oxidation.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing can take on moderate amounts of water damage commonly, but serious problems are fairly rare. Small amounts of water pool up on flat roofs and form puddles and possibly some mold growth, but this is typically incorporated into the building design and not a major problem. Most of the time, any issues with water damage will not be visible to the homeowner.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda brings the pain to any water damage restoration job, with experienced technicians and industry-leading equipment. If you require professional service for your water damaged home, call us today at (941) 575-5910.

The Importance of Flooding Cleanup

6/20/2016 (Permalink)

Dealing with flood damage in Punta Gorda? SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda can take care of it "Like it never even happened."

Flood Damage Cleanup and Its Importance

If your property has been affected by flooding damage, you will need to contact a professional cleanup and restoration service as soon as possible. The damage that flooding causes do not end when the water is removed from the scene; much of the worst damage that results from flooding occurs later, after mold growth and structural instability has caused the building to be condemned and removed. It's possible to avoid these unfortunate consequences by taking care of the damage right away and engaging the services of a qualified local water damage cleanup crew. 

Every Day You Delay, You Are Losing More Money

In the wake of Punta Gorda flooding damage, you may find yourself unsure of how exactly to proceed. You may feel as though you have no choice but to abandon the building for putting up a new one on the site. However, your insurance company may not allow you to adopt this course of action. Every day you delay your decision, you are losing money. If the property is commercial, you are paying the salaries of employees who are unable to work in the building on your behalf. If the property is residential, you are paying to house your family in a hotel instead of their home. 

How to Deal With Punta Gorda Flooding Damage 

When it comes to dealing with flooding damage, the key is to act promptly and effectively. Your best bet is to contact a local cleanup and restoration service that has the proper knowledge, credentials and experience to deal with the emergency. Water damage to your property may be due to any number of causes; flooding being among the most severe because it is the hardest to plan for. Because of this, it's an excellent idea always to have on hand the number of a local service team whose reputation and ability you can count on in your time of need. 

A Restoration Project Involves Many Activities

A complete project of cleanup and restoration involves many separate activities. The first and most important part of any major flood damage cleanup will involve removing every trace of excess water from your property. To accomplish this, a team of qualified and experienced service technicians will use all the latest tools to make sure that no trace of excess water is left behind. 

After the water is gone, your air conditioning, heating and water filtration systems will be checked for mold, and then the professionals will remove any growth that is discovered. The experts will also check the stability of your building to discover any structural instability that may have occurred as the result of flooding. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda is a locally owned and operated service that is here for you in the event of flood damage or other emergencies. You can contact us at any time of the day or night. We also serve customers in nearby areas, such as Cleveland, Solana, Isles, Burnst Store Marina, Charlotte County Airport and others. Call us at (941) 575-5910 for more information.

Solana Water Damage - 4 Steps to Successful Water Removal in Solana

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Let the professionals at SERVPRO of North Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda take care of your Solana water damage!

4 Successful Steps to Solana Water Removal

Water damage in the home is something that needs to be handled quickly, no matter what the cause. For homeowners in Solana, water removal responses should be swift, effective, and efficient. The longer that moisture from a flood, leak, or burst pipe is allowed to sit untreated, the more chance there is of a dangerous mold problem developing. 

Mold and other microbes can be hazardous to the health of everyone in the building, so it’s always best to call a reliable Solana water damage restoration and removal service immediately. If you are covered by a robust insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about the cost, because your provider will sort all of the details out for you. The only thing that you need to do in the immediate aftermath is getting the experts around to help. 

Step One: Respond Quickly 

It is imperative that you respond quickly, whether the flood happens in the evening or at 3 am. The majority of companies that offer water removal in Solana do so on a 24/7 basis so that you can seek emergency assistance at any time. The water needs to be removed within 24-48 hours to prevent mold from developing. 

Step Two: Be Careful and Act Sensibly 

After you become aware of the problem, try to reach the water shut off valve. If it is safe to do, turn it off. If you can switch off the electric power supply, do that too. If it is clear (or you strongly suspect) that the water is from a contaminated source (like the toilet), you and everyone else in the building needs to leave right immediately. 

Step Three: Look for Subtle Signs 

It’s a common misconception to believe that all water damage is caused by a major, emergency flood or other crisis situations. You may be dealing with a damp wall from a burst pipe hidden behind a wall, for instance. This won’t necessarily cause a flood, but it might make the walls soft, cause a musty smell, and produce creeping mold in the corners of the room. If this is the type of water damage that you’re dealing with, you should still call a restoration service, but your safety is not in any immediate danger. 

Step Four: If Possible, Start Drying 

If you are comfortable staying in the house, and you know that the damage doesn’t yet pose a risk to health, you can begin drying the damp space while waiting for the restoration team to arrive. Dehumidifiers, even small ones, are useful to start with until the heavy duty equipment shows up. Open all doors and windows, turn on ceiling fans to circulate air, and limit the amount of time that you or anyone else spends in the affected space. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of North Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda is uniquely capable of handling all of your water removal needs. If you are struggling with the aftermath of a flood or leak, our experts can help you dry out the space, eliminate all signs of moisture, and get back to normal life. Call us. (941) 575-5910. 

Solana Water Damage--Water Removal is Critical

4/8/2016 (Permalink)

Tropical Paradise in Solana Does Not Include Water Damaging Storms

SERVPRO Dries and Restores Your Water Damaged Property in Solana 

Solana water damage can be an unhappy consequence from a tropical storm, plumbing malfunction, burst pipe, or the running water in a tub in the condo above yours. Preparing for any possible occurrence of water and fire damaging events is important. Make sure you have an adequate insurance policy that allows for hurricane and flood coverage. The Gulf Coast of Florida is always susceptible to cataclysmic weather events. Be prepared! Water damage is often sneaky and quick. Though it only takes minutes for excess water to damage your walls, ceilings, and carpeting, the possibility of a mold infestation is also present. This is why you should know whom to call. That way, when water damage does occur, then you do not have to fumble through the phone book. Check with your insurance agent to obtain a contact number for such emergencies. SERVPRO is a water damage restoration company that is recommended by over 320 insurance and property management companies.

The reason you need a water damage company is because you have to make sure that all of the water is extracted, and moist, humid building materials, fabrics, electronics, and furnishings are dried. SERVPRO technicians will employ moisture meters, infrared cameras, and hygrometers to identify moist, hidden voids in your Solana home. As you would know, just because something looks dry does not mean that it is dry. Water can cause secondary damage in the form of mold and mildew. If there is standing water in the home, then you have to be responsible and get rid of it right away. 
There are procedures, using heavy duty pumps, wet vacs, air movers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, foggers, and inspecting devices to ensure your Solana water damaged condo or home is restored. The goal is for a quick return to pre-loss condition "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda restores the property to its original state. They are available 24/7 and take calls. Once they take your calls, then they send a professional to look at your house where the Solana water damage has occurred. Give them a call at (941) 575-5910.

Water Damage Fort Myers- Requires More Than A Cleaning Company

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If the Waves Wet Your Home--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Removes the Water from Your Fort Myers Home to Mitigate Water Damage

Fort Myers water damage can occur very quickly after the appearance of water in your house. It is the beginning of more problems than just the arrival of a new swimming pool in your house. It might mean that you have a burst pipe or a leaking water heater. It might also mean that a sewer connection, just outside your house, has broken. Whether it's the flooding from a local stream or river or the Gulf of Mexico, you have a problem that must be handled by professionals, like those from SERVPRO, to ensure your Fort Myers home gets water removal service quickly.

Water, entering your home regardless of the reason is not okay for the comfort and health of your family. The water that is absorbed into your drywall, carpeting and furnishings can result in an extensive monetary loss. Waterlogged drywall, walls or ceilings, must be safely discarded to prevent mold from cross-contaminating previously unaffected areas of your home. Replacement will then add to the restoration costs.

SERVPRO will pump the unwanted water from the property using truck mounted pumps, sump pumps, wet vacs, and even mops to remove the gross volumes of water. Air movers and dehumidifiers will be placed to increase the evaporation rate of the moisture within the structure to speed the restoration process and to mitigate secondary water damage. This typically takes 2 to 3 days, depending on the specifics of your property's damage.

The cleaning starts with green technology cleansers and specific SERVPRO products. These are used on every hard surface because of the residue from the water. This residue is composed of germs, bacteria, pollen, mold spores and regular dust and dirt. Sanitizing all surfaces using disinfectants, antimicrobial, and antifungal agents provide a clean, and healthy environment for you and your family.

The damage done by the water that was in your home has to be repaired at this time. The sheet rock and ceiling tiles that were removed must be replaced and any drapery removed must be cleaned and rehung. Any clothing that has been cleaned needs to be hung back up, and all cushions that have been cleaned need to be replaced in the furniture. Rubbing the wood furniture down with essential oils helps protect them and final cleaning and detailed wiping is part of the finishing touches. This style of treatment will be dictated by the severity and locations of the water damage within your home.

SERVPRO trains and instructs its technicians to follow the standards set forth by the IICRC-Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration Certification. Our commitment to excellence will assure that your home is treated using the best cleaning techniques, equipment, and expertise to minimize the effects of water damage to your Fort Myers home. "Like it never even happened.

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

As leaders in the water damage industry, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda has advanced training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience. We use this training and experience to quickly dry your home in Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, and Cleveland. Call us for 24/7 emergency help. (941) 575-5910

Technical Aspects of Water Damage Restoration in Ft Myers

2/26/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Unwanted Water Visits in Your Home

SERVPRO's Approach to Ft Myers Water Damage Restoration is Industry Leading

Ft Myers water damage restoration is utilizing science and technology to rehabilitate homes and businesses to pre-loss condition. The newest advanced technological equipment is being adopted to restore the property and to mitigate water damages and costs.

If you are confronted with a water damaging condition, the first thing to do is be sure to stop the water source and begin drying the affected area. Ultimately you will probably need help from a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO, but this initial time of removing water can prove to be significant in reducing damage and cost for the long term. We suggest to be careful and mindful of possible electrical dangers.

Call a specialist to help you that has been IICRC trained in the newest methods of water damage restoration. They will have the most cutting-edge equipment, technology, and knowledge to restore your water damaged property. A professional remediation organization will quickly get to work to dry out your water damaged areas, after inspecting and assessing. This begins with volume water extraction using truck-mounted and portable pumps, wet-vacs, sump pumps, mops, squeegees, sponges, and buckets. Not all our equipment is super hi-tech. We then utilize dehumidifiers (mechanical, refrigerant, and desiccant), heaters, air movers, etc. to continue the drying process. Secondary water damage like warping of floors and furniture will be further stymied. We will also disperse deodorizers and sanitizers by using foggers. The cost of restoring your water damaged property is less expensive than the cost of permanent water damage to a home.

Remember the professionals do this every day. We know what will work and what will be a temporary solution. If the job becomes too overwhelming, you will need an expert to help you solve your water damage problem. If you have significant water damage issues, consider the industry leader--SERVPRO. Water damage restoration is about taking excess water and removing it from your home as rapidly as possible. The cleanup following the water removal is just as vital to securing a safe and clean home space. Eliminating conducive conditions for the proliferation of mold growth will further protect your property while reducing the likelihood of adverse health effects. Finally, restoring your Ft Myers property to its pre-loss condition is our ultimate goal. "Like it never even happened."

We Use Advanced Drying Equipment and Techniques

Properly restoring your home after a water damage event requires specialized equipment and products. This advanced equipment helps SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gordato removes the water, even hidden moisture, quickly and efficiently. You can expect prompt service 24/7. Call us for help. (941) 575-5910 

Hire a Professional for Water Damage Jobs in Punta Gorda

12/10/2015 (Permalink)

According to the EPA, the first 24-48 hours are the most crucial when dealing with water damage.

Punta Gorda Residential Water Damage Professionals

How Water Damage Restoration Experts Can Help You

 Punta Gorda water damage is a disaster that can wreak havoc on your residential property. In fact, the damage can weaken the structural integrity of your property while also causing mold damage. However, attaining professional services from a restoration company can help ensure that your residential property is restored quickly and correctly. Here are some of the tools and techniques that water damage restoration experts have to offer:

  Group Work

 One of the reasons that attaining professional Punta Gorda water damage restoration services is important is that contractors work in groups; this means that they are able to expedite the cleanup and secondary water damage prevention processes. The contractors can utilize several methods to accomplish this objective, and some of them include drying the affected regions, removing standing water, and replacing unsalvageable goods.

 Specialized Equipment

 Professional contractors will use specialized equipment to optimize the water damage restoration process. One form of equipment used will be the industrial-strength dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers can eliminate over 50 gallons of water each day. The contractors will also use air-moving machines to stabilize humidity and encourage evaporation. Finally, contractors may use shop-vacs or wet-dry vacuums to remove standing water from your carpet and other regions of the property.

 Chemical Cleansers

 Contractors make use of chemical cleansers when your home develops spores, mildew, mold, or other fungi types. These chemicals can be caustic and even potent, which is why only professionals should use them.

  Avoiding DIY Projects

 When water damage impacts your property, many homeowners try to clean up the damages on their own. This is not a good idea. In fact, water damage in Punta Gorda results in several health and safety hazards on your property. Because most homeowners are not aware of what these hazards are and how to avoid them, attempting a DIY project can result in increased susceptibility to illness and injury.

 Water damage is an issue you should take seriously. If you do not address the matter immediately, your property could become vulnerable to a mold invasion and structural damage. The best way to prevent these things from happening is to call the professionals of SERVPRO. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that we can address your issue with lightning speed. Additionally, we employ IICRC-certified technicians who will optimize each component of the restoration process so that your home looks good and functions properly.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

 As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda is strategically located to respond quickly to your flood and water emergency event. Call us today! (941) 575-5910

Some Causes and Advice for Water Damage in Your North Fort Myers Home

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Water Could Be a Bad Thing

North Fort Myers Water Damage Advice

Although there is a variety of potential problems that property owners in North Fort Myers dread, water damage typically tops the list. Water damage can result from different factors, including heavy rain, snow, natural disasters, a leaky pipe or appliance. Irrespective of the cause, water damage ramifications are issues that residential property owners need to understand thoroughly. To get a basic understanding of what water damage is and how it should be addressed, refer to the following quick reference guide:

Water Damage: Identifying Some of The Causes from This Short List.

• leaky dishwashers
• broken pipes
• overflowing washing machines
• plumbing leaks
• foundation cracks or a damaged roof
• floods
• heavy rain

Categories of Water That Cause Water Damage

As water damage restoration specialists from SERVPRO know, there are several categories of water leading to water damage. The concern for the rate of water removal escalates as the Category number increases. Category 1 is clean water, and this is a type of water that poses no serious threat to people. This is drinking water (potable) that is in a place it should not be. Category 2 is gray water, and this type of water is contaminated and can cause illness when ingested. This may be soapy dishwater, standing water on a floor or waste water containing urine. Category 3 is black water. This type of water is unsanitary and dangerous because it contains bacteria that can cause sickness. Black water results from sewage issues and standing water that has been contaminated. This category of water requires immediate water removal.

Water Damage: The Restoration Process

Water damage restoration is an important process. When done expediently by expert technicians from SERVPRO, water restoration enables residential owners in North Fort Myers to minimize the adverse effects to their personal belongings and lessen or prevent structural damage.  However, the efficacy of their efforts is typically contingent upon the amount of water that caused the damage as well as the severity of the damage. These water removal specialists will use special equipment and proven methodologies to control water damage and limit its debilitating effects.

Although water damage can be a difficult situation, securing the services of a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO takes the pressure off of you. It allows you to sit back and watch how your home in North Fort Myers is restored to its pre-water damaged condition. If you need our services, we are only minutes away from your property.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda is close by and ready to respond to your water or flood damage emergency.

From water removal to restoration you can count on us. (941) 575-5910