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What Stays and What Goes After a Flood?

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded home, floodwater covering vehicle, chairs, furniture in a home A Fort Myers Shores, FL flooded home.

Three Content Cleaning Tasks

Restoring your home after a flood in Fort Myers Shores, FL can be quite an ordeal. Water often does extensive damage, and deciding what to keep, repair or throw away is a necessary part of the reclamation process. Here are three content cleaning tasks you can do to help prioritize what can stay and what needs to go.

1. Sort Your Belongings

Your possessions will fall into one of three categories: items you want to keep, items you cannot and general trash. Move any items worth salvaging outside or into another room in the home where they can dry. Items that cannot be saved should be taken outside, along with any trash. Bag up your garbage in sealed bags to discourage insects and wildlife.

2. Clean Out Your Pantry

Discard any food exposed to water. This type of water is unsanitary and might contain sewage, waste, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. It contaminates every surface it touches. Get rid of any porous kitchen items, like wooden cutting boards and paper supplies, if they have gotten wet. Also, throw out any canned goods, prescription medications and over-the-counter medicine while content cleaning, as these containers generally cannot properly be sanitized.

3. Disinfect Everything

Black water leaves behind a contaminant-rich mud. So, if you decide to keep something, plan to clean it and thoroughly disinfect it. If you cannot sanitize it, throw it out. Nonporous surfaces and items in the home can generally be sanitized, but large items like mattresses and furniture should be replaced. If you are unsure about whether or not something can be salvaged, contact a restoration specialist in your area.

Content cleaning after a flood in Fort Myers Shores, FL, can be an arduous process of choosing which treasured items to save and which others must be let go. Restoration professionals can usually help guide you through those difficult decisions.

Property Management: Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenario

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

A business flooded When your business is damaged by storms or floods, remember that SERVPRO has the equipment and technicians for a successful restoration.

Planning For the Worst-Case Scenario in Property Management

Storm preparedness and emergency planning are both tools in the property managers arsenal. These tools can be the difference between maintained business operations or complete shutdown. The four points below can guide you through the steps and the significance of emergency preparation.

1. Preplan for Disaster

As an owner or a manager, you may find that a significant part of property management revolves around employee safety and disaster prevention. Businesses require this type of preparation to help ensure business continuity; therefore, you will likely want to accumulate a list of contacts and operational procedures in case of an emergency.

2. Prepare an Emergency Checklist

Storm preparedness can be as simple as creating an emergency checklist for employees and clients. You can post this checklist around the property and make sure that every employee has a copy, ensuring that everyone will know what to do during an emergency. These lists should include maps to exits and shelter areas along with an action plan.

3. Practice Emergency Procedures Regularly

While the creation of preparation materials and checklists are a good starting point, these tools are nothing without regular practice and guidance. Many municipalities suggest performing monthly emergency walk-throughs and safety meetings. These monthly meetings will allow employees to ask questions and practice the developed safety routines while allowing management to rectify any potential concerns before a legitimate emergency.

4. Consider Restoration Specialists

When you think of the term restoration specialists, you may not immediately think of emergency preparations, but some restoration companies in Punta Gorda, FL, provide a form of emergency planning for businesses. These companies may offer property evaluations to help pinpoint safety concerns as well as offer custom plans for your business in the event of an emergency or disaster.

An essential aspect of most business planning is storm preparedness, but it goes beyond the installation of storm shutters and backflow valves. Storm readiness means preparing for emergencies, not only from a business operations perspective but a safety perspective as well. Creating procedures and checklists as well as performing monthly meetings can all benefit your business and employees, ensuring that everyone and everything is prepared in emergent situations.

How To Determine Your Flood Hazard Area Status

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Black shoe standing on a puddle of water A flooded home in Solana, FL.

How to Determine the Flood Hazard Status of Your Property

When you are purchasing a homeowner's insurance package for your home in Solana, FL, flood insurance may be mandatory if you live in an area that is particularly prone to flooding. Such an area is called a flood zone or flood hazard area. Homeowners in moderate to low risk areas may purchase flood insurance if they want to do so, but it is often a required coverage if you live in a high risk area. To assess your risk and determine if you need to purchase a flood policy, you need to take a few steps.

1. Enter your address on FEMA's Map Service Center page. FEMA works in conjunction with the National Flood Insurance Program to provide information about flood hazard areas to homeowners. There you can find out the official flood hazard status for your area. You are also able to see the date from which NFIP sanctions are in effect and download a customized copy of the information for your home's specific area.

2. Evaluate your special flood hazard area status. The flood zone map may show your property in an SFHA. What this means is that a flood that exceeds the floodplain has a 1% chance or better of happening every year. If you disagree with this determination, you can either purchase the insurance suggested or contest the status.

3. Contest your flood hazard area status. If you believe the map is wrong, you can submit a letter of map amendment online. After reviewing your submission, FEMA can decide whether or not the map is in error. If it is, you may not be required to purchase flood insurance.

Even if you don't live in a flood zone, it may be a good idea to purchase flood insurance. Most homeowners' policies don't cover flood damage remediation after a storm, so having that extra coverage may come in handy.

Adding Storm Shutters to a Home

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Storm shutter shade windows in a yellow house During a storm, storm shutters can protect you and your home's interior from flying glass and debris.

Types Of Storm Shutters

When nature is at its most wrathful in North Fort Myers, FL, high winds are often responsible for property damage. Installing window protection can be a prudent investment to protect your home and its contents. Learning about the window types available is the first step toward making an appropriate purchase for your needs.

Know Your Options

Shutters designed to be a temporary application when gales are predicted are the least expensive and least aesthetically-pleasing option. Permanent ones can be costly but add design interest and practical functions. Shutter styles include:

• Temporary: These are made of steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate and are held in place by channels bolted onto the house above and below windows. Channels are removable, and the cost is usually less than $20 per window.
• Accordion: These are permanent, manually operated, and stored in boxes alongside windows when they are not in use. Made of polycarbonate or metal, they usually cost between $15 and $25 per square foot.
• Rolling: These are also permanent and have the added benefit of offering insulation and increased privacy as well as protection from high winds. Made of polycarbonate or high-quality steel, they can be manually or automatically activated. Prices range from $20-$30 per square foot.
• Bahama: These offer shade and privacy as well as storm protection. They range from $15 to $20 per square foot.
• Colonial style: These are both permanent and decorative. Depending on window size, the shutters can be tri-fold or bi-fold. They are bolted into place when needed and range in price from $200 to $500 per window, depending on size and material.

Storm shutters can protect you and the interior of your home from flying glass and debris in the midst of a storm. However, in the event that high winds damage your home, professionals can help with interior and exterior damage and cleanup once the storm has passed.

5 Ways Cities Are Reducing Flooding

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

green roof on urban building A roof covered in vegetation provides a natural rainwater absorption solution.

Flood Prevention Systems

Business owners in Pirate Harbor, FL, know that the assistance of a flood cleaning and restoration company could be an eventual situation and work to build individual flood prevention systems. Luckily, cities are beginning to fortify themselves against floodwaters. Below are five ways that are being done.

1. Enhancing Flood Warning Systems
While many factors have come into play to increase the chances of flooding, knowing the potential risk as early as possible helps people be better prepared. Modern technology is making that easier through the development of early flood warning systems, dam monitoring and enhanced global forecasting with real-time data.

2. Moving Toward Sponge Cities
While excessive rainwater may be overwhelming to a city’s infrastructure, redesigning aspects of it to collect that water provides many benefits. There is an increase in moving toward becoming a sponge city in which that extra water is carefully collected and repurposed for urban farms, refilling aquifers, and even replacing water used for flushing toilets.

3. Green Roofs
Both cities and businesses can boost flood prevention by harnessing the power of nature. A roof covered in vegetation provides a natural rainwater absorption solution. With stormwater runoff being a major player in water issues, letting the roof capture it instead of funneling it away is becoming more popular.

4. Plant Trees
While not a new concept, planting trees continues to be a top way to mitigate flood damage. Along with absorbing groundwater, their canopies act as a natural filter for the runoff by slowing water flow into the ground.

5. Drainage Designed for Sustainability
Proper drainage is key to sustainable systems. Improvements in materials, such as permeable concrete, better absorb the water and helps minimize overflow. More green spaces are another porous solution. Drainage systems are being designed to move toward grass and rain gardens instead of going over nonpermeable materials.
As times are changing, there are many more flood prevention strategies that cities are incorporating and considering. Many of them can also be done on a smaller scale to better protect your business.

3 Ways To Limit Commercial Storm Damage

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damage - Solana, FL building.

Three Weather Damage Prevention Measures

Commercial storm damage can strike at any time of year. Some measures can be helpful for dealing with a winter storm or severe weather that strikes during any season. Here are three of the most effective weather damage prevention measures for buildings in Solana, FL.

1. Monitor Changing Weather Conditions
Keeping an eye on the weather forecast up to 10 days out can give building owners and managers some advance warning about upcoming storms. It is also a good idea to be aware of known severe weather seasons in the location of a commercial building. Monitoring overnight lows throughout the winter can also help owners and managers take measures to heat an area or insulate exposed plumbing to prevent a pipe break.

2. Secure or Stow Loose Items Kept Outdoors
From antennas mounted on the roof of a commercial structure down to patio furniture on the ground or decks, any items that are kept outside should be brought inside or anchored to the ground before a storm strikes. High winds can cause any items to become flying debris that could damage the nearest structure. Heavy snow or ice from a winter storm can also damage delicate components.

3. Install Commercial Storm Windows
The owners of buildings located in regions that are prone to severe weather may want to invest in storm windows. A protective layer that can be rolled down over commercial windows to provide protection from high winds can be well worth the cost. Preventative measures are easier to budget and plan ahead for than emergency storm damage restoration.
Depending on the location of a building, damage may be prone to occur during spring, summer or fall or due to a winter storm striking Solana, FL. Property and business owners should monitor weather forecasts, identify storms with the potential to damage structures and pursue immediate or long-term preventative measures.

4 Ways To Use Landscaping to Protect Your Home

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Adding mulch to the landscape protects the roots of plants

Here Are Four Ways To Use Landscaping To Protect Your Home From Flooding

Homeowners have many responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their property. Landscaping is one area that many homeowners lack sufficient knowledge. A common mistake involves designing the landscape so that water flows towards the home instead of away. This situation can cause significant outside flooding during a major storm.

1. Divert Rain Spouts
A heavy rainstorm can quickly cause serious flooding. One way to prevent water from puddling next to the foundation of your Salvista, FL, home is to install downspout diverters. These inexpensive diverters can be found at a local home improvement store and cost very little. Some homeowners even benefit from the diverted water by using a rainwater collection system.

2. Use Heavier Mulch
Adding mulch to the landscape protects the roots of plants and keeps weeds away for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, outside flooding causes light mulch to spread everywhere, causing a major mess and even clogging drains. Use a heavier mulch made of hardwood to prevent significant spreading. There are some man-made mulches that are good options as well.

3. Add Drainage to the Driveway
The roof and driveway are the two biggest contributors to stormwater runoff. If it’s not possible to eliminate the concrete driveway, consider adding rain drainage options on the side of it. Gravel and grass are excellent ways to divert rainwater.

4. Consider a Rain Garden
While many commercial landscapes include swales, or deep depressions, in their design, homeowners can install a rain garden. The main difference between a swale and rain garden is that swales redirect water and gardens provide a place for water to collect. A rain garden consists of native plants that have a high wet-soil tolerance. This means that the plants can withstand being submerged in water. Rain gardens reduce runoff and allow water to slowly saturate back into the ground.
Homeowners can do much to assist with the problems of outside flooding. Fortunately, storm restoration specialists are also available to assist with emergencies.

3 Tips for Dealing With Unpleasant Odors After a Flood

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damage in Solana, FL

Tips For Dealing In The Aftermath Of A Flood

Severe weather comes with many potential negative consequences, including property damage and profit loss. One impact not commonly anticipated in the aftermath of a storm is the stench of floodwaters. Storms can result in sewage loss, causing floodwater to pick up waste, chemicals, and toxins along with garbage and debris littering the streets. The water also promotes mold growth, adding an additional odor of decayed mold. In short, if a building is flooded, the water will stink and so will the building. Here are three tips for dealing with leftover unpleasant scents in your property in Solana, FL, in the aftermath of a flood.

1. Consult Professionals
One of your first actions, after calling your insurance company, should be to get in contact with a professional restoration and cleanup service. Floodwater can be dangerous to deal with, especially contaminated floodwaters that reek. Mold growth in walls and floors also pose a potential hazard. Therefore, it is often best to allow trained professionals to handle flooded property.

2. Remove Moisture
Drying as much as safely possible can help reduce odors and halt mold growth. Some drying tips are:

  • Place fans in affected areas
  • Open windows
  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Mop up puddles

3. Disinfect Property
The flooded property also needs to be disinfected to kill off odor-causing and harmful bacteria, as well as stop the spread of mold. While professional restoration services do perform disinfection, some steps you can take on your own to begin the process are using a vinegar cleaning solution, using baking soda or cat litter to absorb scents, using disinfectants like bleach, and using hot water and soap.
Flood water will often give off a bad odor and may impart that odor to flooded property. Mold spurred on by the sudden damp atmosphere will only add to the smell. It is important to take steps to have your property disinfected and cleaned after a flood to deal with odors as well as other problems.

3 Actions You Should Take After a Flood if You Don't Have Flood Insurance

1/5/2021 (Permalink)

A flood is a disaster that many people are unprepared for

3 Actions You Should Take After a Flood if You Don't Have Flood Insurance

Floods are devastating forces of nature that can sweep houses away from their very foundations. Even those buildings that withstand the brutal force of a flood are vulnerable to significant damage, especially those on or near a floodplain. Water damage can ravage walls and roofs and render priceless heirlooms irreparable. In the wake of a flood, expensive repairs are often necessary. Flood insurance takes the bite off of costs, but what do you do if you don't have any and your pockets are woefully shallow? Here are three actions you can take if your home has fallen victim to a flood in North Fort Myers, FL, and you have no flood coverage.

1. SBA Loans
If you do not have a flood insurance policy, there are other options available to you to receive the financial aid you need. One of these options is SBA loans. These are low interest loans from the Small Business Administration. Here are the SBA loans available to those recovering from a flood:

  • SBA loan for the replacement or repair of personal property for both tenants and homeowners, with a maximum of $40,000
  • SBA loan for the replacement or repair of homes, with a maximum of $200,000
  • SBA loan for mortgage refinancing, with a maximum of $200,000

2. FEMA Grants
If you reside in certain areas, you may be eligible for a FEMA grant. The Individuals and Households program run by FEMA will provide up to $33,000 for each household impacted, though the amount given is usually less. This money covers repairs, uninsured damage and even the cost to fix or replace possessions if you are unable to obtain an SBA loan. The grant may also be used to pay for temporary lodging during the recovery process.

3. Contact Professionals
Regardless of whether you have insurance or not, you should contact a professional restoration service after a flood. They can help with recovery and repair cost estimations.
A flood is a disaster that many people are unprepared for. However, even without flood insurance, all hope is not lost. There are other avenues to get help available.

5 Things You Can Do To Secure Your Property Before a Major Storm Hits

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Save all of your major documents to the cloud

5 Things You Can Do To Secure Your Property Before a Major Storm Hits

Hurricane season is one of those times when life is definitely unpredictable. Storms follow their own path, and, unfortunately, sometimes they come ashore, flooding businesses in the area. While no one can prevent a hurricane system, there are steps business owners can take to help safeguard the property from excessive damage. Proprietors in Fort Myers, FL, should consider completing the following five things well before the gale comes through.

1. Have a Cleanup Plan Lined Up
Blackwater is a category 3 hazard, filled with microorganisms that could harm your building. This water enters during storms when the sewage overflows or the ocean or a river pour in. This contamination requires the assistance of professionals and swift attention; therefore, you'll want to already have the name of a storm restoration company on hand. Doing so could save you valuable time and reduce your potential remediation efforts.

2. Inspect Roofing and Windows
Intense hurricane rains can pound on ceilings and glass for hours. If these structures aren't secure, flooding could occur from a leak or improper seal. Either climb up on the roof or contact a specialist for meticulous inspections. Fix any loose shingles and caulk any windows that seem concerning.

3. Use Shutters and Sandbags
Establish protective barriers. Operations in low-lying zones may consider placing sandbags around the perimeter. In addition, high winds could blow things through window glass. Shutters or boards may battle against this calamity. Have a plan for putting both of these options up and around the establishment.

4. Clear Out Landscaping
A day or so before everything really hits, walk around the land. Pick up tree limbs or valuables that could be knocked into the siding. High-speed winds could turn something traditionally benign into a dangerous projectile.

5. Back Up Files
The flood damage could reach electronics. Place equipment up high. In addition, save all of your major documents to the cloud.
When your company experiences flooding, it can be devastating. Do your best to minimize any complications.

What not To Do After a House Flood

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

Storm and flooding in Pirate Harbor, FL

In an emergency, you have probably heard that it's best not to panic and act rashly. That's easier said than done in the heat of the moment if you're facing a disaster at home such as a flood. Still, if you're as calm as possible and take the right steps, you can avoid making the situation worse and putting yourself and loved ones in harm's way. If flood water threatens your house, stay away from some typical mistakes that residents make.

Don't Try To Grab All Your Belongings

Minor water damage may not present a significant concern. The problem is, if the flooding in your Pirate Harbor, FL, home is severe, and water is coming in quickly, you won't have much time to get out safely. You can't afford to delay your evacuation. As difficult as it may be, don't waste time collecting a bunch of items from your home. Grab only the most essential, including:

  • Make sure your kids and pets are out safely
  • Collect medication
  • Proof of insurance
  • Personal identification
  • A list of contacts

Don't Try To Clean it up Yourself
If you discover a little water in a small area, you shouldn't have any problems extracting the water and cleaning it up. However, if flood water finds its way into your house and causes widespread destruction, you need a professional disaster cleanup company to step in. Professionals have the tools and expertise to remove the water, sanitize the area, and rebuild where necessary. These technicians also know how to safely tackle a cleanup job of this size.

Don't Mislead Your Insurance Agent
You'll want to contact your homeowner's insurance company as soon as possible. When you report that you have a flooded home, provide as many details as possible. Don't exaggerate as you discuss how it started and how much damage it caused.
If flood water invades your home and forces you out, follow these steps. You can spare yourself additional grief by acting wisely.

Our Technicians Explain The Importance Of Sanitization In Your Fort Myers Home After A Flood

7/18/2020 (Permalink)

Why Sanitization Is Vital After Flood Damage In Your Fort Myers Home

Handling water damage to your home caused by storms or heavy rain can be dangerous and difficult. There are things you need to do to stay safe and start getting your life back to normal after a flooding incident, including listening to news reports for advisories. You should also avoid walking in floodwater for it may be electrically charged from downed or underground power lines.

It is advisable to return to your house only if the authorities indicate it is safe to do so. After flood damage to your Fort Myers residence, removing the water, sanitizing the structure and contents, and drying the affected areas is a priority. Cleaning surfaces and disinfecting them is a major undertaking that should be done properly to prevent further damage to your property. The professionals at SERVPRO can assist you to clean and disinfect your house to return it to its preloss state and prevent health effects.

Floodwater may contain raw sewage, silt, oil or chemicals, and that’s why proper cleanup methods that require disinfection are crucial. Floodwater can cause major issues with porous materials like upholstered furniture, carpets, textiles, and clothing. Microbes can grow in items soaked in contaminated water in as little as twenty-four hours. Our skilled professionals are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and can use the proper procedures to prevent microbial growth. Microbes can enter your body and cause health effects if you breathe or swallow them or if they enter through your skin.

To control the spread of microbes, it is vital to extract water and remove moisture from the area. We can remove and dispose of the porous items submerged in water, including wet carpets. Our crews can use pumps to remove standing water and equipment like moisture meters to identify the amount of moisture present in a house and its contents. We also use air moving and dehumidifying equipment to dry a house.

We can use antibacterial, disinfectant, or antimicrobial treatments to clean your house. Apart from cleaning the structure of your home, our crew can clean the restorable belongings that water has damaged like furniture and clothing. Flooding also usually calls for professional odor removal and deodorization services because damp materials have a bad scent. Our odor control technician (OCT) can use different equipment to remove unpleasant odors from your home, including:

• Industrial grade air scrubbers

• Thermal foggers

• Hydroxyl generators

• Ozone machines

Our SERVPRO crews offer prompt restoration services while following a quality assurance system to deliver a great customer experience.

After a flood damage event, you need prompt, professional help. SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda can assist you to remove the black water and sanitize your home. Contact us at (941) 575-5910. We can deal with the damage to make it seem, “Like it never even happened.”

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We Can Help Prevent Long Term Flood Damage To Your Home In Fort Myers

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Help Prevent Long Term Flood Damage In Your Fort Myers Home!

As hurricane season draws near in Fort Myers, flooding can become a great concern to homeowners. Sadly, people can sometimes return to a flooded home after evacuating away from the strong winds and rain brought on by a hurricane. We offer professional solutions to flooding and can do our best to prevent further damage to your home.

Water washed into houses in Fort Myers can easily cause flood damage to the floors and walls. SERVPRO technicians can quickly get to work to fight against damage to your home's structural components. Flood water is removed with the assistance of truck mounted pumps or industrial grade wet vacs, and we can use moisture meters to inspect your floors and walls for excess moisture. If left unaddressed, abnormally high moisture levels can warp wood and facilitate mold growth. To avoid this, our techs can work fast to draw moisture from your floorboards with the help of air movers and can completely remove all excess moisture with the assistance of dehumidifiers.

Unfortunately, flood waters often do not stop at your floorboards. Walls can wick water up into themselves and permanently damage insulation. Non-fiberglass insulation stored in your walls can have its R-value (fire resistance) reduced, opening your home up to dangerous problems down the road. To avoid future problems, our technicians can drill holes in your walls to help facilitate the drying of your wall cavities and insulation. Additionally, we can make a flood cut to discard sections of your walls that may be over-saturated with water.

Once your house has had the flood water removed, we can go on a final walk-through and can apply antimicrobial sprays to limit any unwanted health effects.

If your house has been the victim of flooding, then call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910. Our emergency dispatchers are available 24/7 for when you most need them.

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How to Navigate Through Flood Damage Restoration of the Floors in Your Fort Myers Home

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Reliable Ways of Fixing Flood Damaged Floors in Your Fort Myers Property

Many homes and businesses have experienced substantial flood damage as a result of the recent damaging hurricanes and storms. Replacing and repairing the damaged materials is the biggest challenge that a property owner faces after the disaster. By taking the right actions, you can reduce further damage and return your Fort Myers home or business to its preloss condition. We are exploring how floodwater affects the different floor types and the procedures we use during the restoration process.
Even a short time of exposure to floodwater can ruin the floor finish of your flood damaged Fort Myers property. Floodwater carries sewer waste, mud and, silt which usually remains in the property after the water recedes. If the floodwater touches porous materials, our SERVPRO technicians remove and dispose of them. Hard surfaces such as floors can be an exception since it is possible to disinfect them. We are careful when dealing with metal furniture that has tubular pieces since it can hold the water and create conditions for mold growth. With time, the metal pieces can rust and cause structural issues.
After the flood, our SERVPRO technicians remove, dispose and recommend a replacement of any vinyl, carpet and tiled flooring. We have to open the floor to the concrete slab and clean, disinfect and adequately treat the area before the installation of a new polymer flooring material. We enhance the drying process by placing dehumidifiers and fans at the site.
Certain moisture levels must be met before the installation of some types of flooring. For instance, the water-based adhesive that is used when putting in place hardwood floors cannot set properly when the humidity is high. Also, the moisture should be within tolerance levels before the various types of polymer flooring can be installed. Our team can use a humidity box and a humidity sleeve to test moisture levels in a concrete substrate.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda uses advanced technology to clean and restore your property after a storm, fire, mold, or water damage incident. No disaster is too small or too large for our experienced technicians, call (941) 575-5910 today and get your property to its preloss state.

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Flood Damage Restoration You Can Count On In Fort Myers

5/25/2020 (Permalink)

The First Steps for Fort Myers Homeowners After a Flood

Flooding can provide a traumatic experience for Fort Myers homeowners, and if it is among the first times that it happens to you, you might be unsure of what steps to take to restore your property. As tempting as it might be to assess the damage on your own, many homeowners lack the experience and expertise to know how extensive the water damage is and the steps necessary to restore it completely once certified personnel reaches your property. The best thing that you can do is to leave it to our estimator to determine the scope of the damage.

While there are many steps to restore flood damage to your Fort Myers home, it all begins with a phone call to our trained SERVPRO professionals. Our estimator can arrive along with our rapid response team to provide you with an accurate look at both the extent of the damage and a general idea of the costs to restore the property fully. With homeowner’s insurance providers, we can also share this information with your adjuster to help expedite the claims process to get restoration started as quickly as possible.

One of the first steps that you can expect when our team arrives at your home is the extraction of floodwater from the affected areas and the preservation of at-risk contents and belongings throughout the exposure areas. With a fast response to this situation, many of the items within your home can get protected from irreparable damages by getting removed and stored safely nearby until restoration completes, and they can get returned.

Drying your home begins once damaged materials have gotten removed, and studs and framework have gotten exposed. We use our air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce moisture far below acceptable parameters and treat remaining structural elements with solvents for disinfection to reduce potential contamination from bacteria in intruding floodwater.

Flooding in your home is nothing that any homeowner can prepare for, but you can always depend on the fast response and the expertise of our SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda water restoration technicians. Give us a call at (941) 575-5910.

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Why Delays When Dealing with Flood Damage Remediation in Fort Myers are Always a Bad Idea

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding and related flood damage can quickly become a mold infestation.  Contact our certified team to remediate.

Get The Fast Cleanup You Need For Storm Flood Damage In Fort Myers

Water damage is the type of emergency that every homeowner dreads, but you should still be prepared. Knowing that you have a trained team of technicians on your side to help with the cleanup process gives you added peace of mind.

When it comes to storm flood damage in Fort Myers, you are faced with excessive moisture even after the initial water levels are brought down. You must act as quickly as possible so that the damage does not have a chance to get any worse. Waiting too long can cause irreparable damage to your furnishings as well as the structure and integrity of your home.

Moving Items Out

Groundwater that may get into your home with the flooding from a storm brings with it a laundry list of contaminants. Protective gear should always be worn or avoid contact with the water at all costs. Once the water from a flood is inside your home, SERVPRO technicians can help to move items to another location within the home. We can also work to pack out porous items that could otherwise absorb the floodwater. 

Before Cleanup

Our technicians can test the water in your home after a flood to determine what contaminants or bacteria may be present to ensure the right cleaning agents are used. We use moisture detection equipment to scope the floor to determine whether or not the subfloor should be addressed both before and after the water extraction takes place. We remove baseboards and move furnishings or appliances out of the way to make sure no moisture is left behind.

Drying And Cleanup

SERVPRO technicians bring in humidifiers and air movers to pull as much moisture out of the impacted space as possible. We also have drying mats that we can move around to dry the floor evenly, pushing moisture out of floorboards and joints. Finally, we make sure that proper cleaning and disinfection takes place, removing any unpleasant odors using our highly specialized deodorization applications. 

Call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda today at (941) 575-5910 when you need help with cleanup after a flood. Our team makes sure that your home looks “Like it never even happened.”

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Controlling Contaminants After A Flood In Fort Myers

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Contamination can pose a grave threat after a flooding incident.

Controlling Contaminants For Safety After Flood Damage In Your Fort Myers Home

Flood damage means several things. Apart from the pools of water and deteriorating materials left in the wake of such an incident, contamination is also a common outcome from flooding.  Floodwaters collect a huge percentage of the contaminants outside the affected Fort Myers structure. The rest develop through microbial growth.

Teardown and Debris Removal
Removing debris left after flood damage in your Fort Myers home is an integral part of dealing with contamination. Contamination is high in materials such as mud and silt deposited by the floodwaters and might include traces of raw sewage and industrial chemicals. Contaminants also take root in porous materials such as carpets, and since it is not possible to clean them to sanitary levels, removal is the only option. Our SERVPRO technicians shovel out sludge, silt, and other fine debris paving the way for cleaning. We also remove and shred porous materials like insulation and carpets for safe disposal.

General Cleaning
A thorough clean up of the entire property is essential to remove contaminants. Such cleaning should involve the use of professional cleaning agents because water and regular detergents might not remove all contaminants. The method of application must also ensure the cleaning agents reach the contaminants because physical contact is essential. Our SERVPRO technicians use EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectants. We also allow sufficient dwell time to remove contaminants effectively.

Controlling Microbial Growth
Some organic materials, especially on subfloors, wall bottom plates, and even tackless strip, encourage microbial growth and odors. When applying products, it is essential to pretest the area ensuring the selected product cannot damage the materials. Pretesting is also essential because some organic materials can inactivate some products. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide range of professional cleaning agents so we can always find the perfect one for the prevailing conditions.

Contamination can pose a grave threat after a flooding incident. Call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 to help take remedial steps making it, “Like it never even happened.”

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Our Flood Damage Professionals Will Restore Your Home In Fort Myers

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

In the unfortunate event of flooding in your home, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda can help you.

Flood Damage Cleanup For Your Fort Myers Home Is Easier When You Hire Experts

Flooding in Fort Myers occurs because of many reasons, including hurricanes and tropical storms. Coastal flooding can also occur if strong winds push the Gulf water up onto the land. Having flood insurance is an essential precaution for the residents of this city. After a flood, water can get into different areas of your house.

It is, therefore, crucial to contact a professional flood remediation company that can use advanced equipment to trace water ingression in your property. If your Fort Myers home has flood damage, you can count on SERVPRO to clean it up, sanitize and dry it to restore it to its preloss state. Our crew has years of experience in water damage remediation. We can take the following steps to handle the flood damage.

Extracting flood water
The longer floodwater sits in your home, the more damage it can cause. Our experts can remove as much standing water as possible from your home using portable pumps or wet/dry vacuums. The more water we extract, the faster a home dries. We also remove the mud, dirt, or other debris that may have entered your property.

Drying out your property
Drying out a house quickly after a flood helps reduce secondary destruction like mold development. Equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers enable us to dry buildings and their contents more efficiently.

Removing carpeting
Floodwater usually contains microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, when carpet flooring gets submerged in floodwater, our protocol is to discard it. Saturated carpets are also a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Removing water-damaged items
Moving items that got wet during the flooding such as furniture, electronics to dry areas can prevent further destruction. At SERVPRO, we also offer move out services, which involve taking flood-damaged items to our facilities for thorough cleaning and restoration. We have advanced cleaning equipment, including an Esporta Machine that is ideal for cleaning things like rugs, clothes, shoes, stuffed animals.

Removing mold
Mold can grow in your home 24 to 48 hours after a flood. Our technicians maintain indoor relative humidity below 60% to reduce mold growth. We can inspect your property thoroughly for signs of mold. If it is present, our crew can contain the moldy areas to prevent mold spores from spreading to the rest of your home and then complete the mold cleanup process.

Cleaning and sanitizing your home
After surfaces such as walls, shelves, and floors in your house, are dry, we can wash and disinfect them. Using specialist solutions, our technicians can sanitize the surfaces to eliminate microbes. We can make your home safe to live in again after professionally cleaning and restoring it.

In the unfortunate event of flooding in your home, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda can help you. Call us anytime at (941) 575-5910 for effective flood damage cleanup. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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When A Flood Strikes In Fort Myers Our Crew Is Here To Help!

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Just call us at (941) 575-5910 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage In Fort Myers Can Happen At Any Time

Hurricane season seems to span a big part of the year, and all of us prepare our flashlights, drinking water and non-perishable food items as soon as June rolls around. However, even unnamed storms can wreak havoc for homeowners in Fort Myers. It only takes a few torrential downpours for water levels to rise and saturate the environment around us, leaving our homes vulnerable to its effects.

When you find yourself the victim of flood damage in Fort Myers, you have to act quickly. Reaching out to a professional and efficient team can make all the difference in curtailing your losses. SERVPRO works around the clock to respond to your emergency as soon as possible, and our water restoration specialists are at the ready when you need us.

Flood water has the potential of bringing into your home, unwanted bacteria and debris, which is why quick attention is essential. Our SERVPRO team begins the water extraction process by using one or several tools. As necessary, we may use truck-mounted pumps to dispose of floodwater in the appropriate sewage system, or we may use smaller equipment for lesser amounts of water residue. Regardless of the size of your disaster, our team is equipped to handle it all.

In addition to removing water, our team can also dispose of materials that are beyond being salvaged. Most natural disasters can render your carpets and other porous materials unusable, and our SERVPRO team acts fast to remove them from your home and treat them as recommended by environmental guidelines. As we move on to the drying phase, we seek to leave your home dry, clean, and disinfected, so it is ready for any additional repairs.

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is a part of our community and understands the importance of keeping your home safe after water events. Just call us at (941) 575-5910 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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Is Flood Damage to Your Fort Myers Home 'Grouting' on Your Nerves?

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Hurricane season may be over, but storm season is year round in Fort Myers.

Remediating Flood Damage In Fort Myers Kitchens And Bathrooms

The hurricane season is over, but Fort Myers homes still face rain and thunderstorms coming off the Gulf and out of the Atlantic. Owners that may still be in the process of rebuilding now face further problems and damage.  

The first steps in dealing with Fort Myers flood damage are to stop water from coming in and removing what has already entered the home. With more storms in the forecast, SERVPRO work crews move quickly to secure the home.  

They start with plywood or specially treated canvas to cover uncompleted repairs to the roof and walls. It may also be necessary to cover areas close to the ground if there is repair work in progress at entry points for the utilities.  

Next, crew members use industrial pumps to remove the flood water. Since this is outside water, there are contaminants like soil, lawn fertilizers, and more. They pump everything into the nearest sewer drain to avoid accidentally contaminating the owner and neighbor’s property.  

For new construction in bathrooms and kitchens, there are many tiles, which means new grout that is now at risk. SERVPRO teams use drying mats that can extract a massive amount of water from between tiles without damaging the grout keeping everything in place. They connect each mat to an adjustable vacuum that crew members monitor to avoid accidental damage.  

These mats are also very useful in drawing out water trapped between and underneath wood floors. The working action also helps to pull moisture out of the wood itself without causing any secondary damage to the surface of the wood.  

Regardless of the surface, our next step is to spray every surface that was underwater with a cleaning agent that contains an anti-bacterial chemical. Our crews use the agent carefully to avoid soaking the now dry surface. Once the chemical dries, the tile and wood are safe for children and pets to roam across once more.  

These first actions help SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda work crews prepare and return every home to its owner. The drying process can take an extensive amount of time, but it is worth the effort and cost to have your residence safe to live in once more. If you need help, call today at (941) 575-5910. We are here for you.

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The Benefits Of Flood Damage Preparation In Fort Myers

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Floods cause widespread damages to structures or the contents within.

How Preparation Helps When Dealing With Flood Damage In Fort Myers

Floods cause widespread damages to structures or the contents within. What people fail to realize is that preparation can help minimize the impact such an event has. Although rising water is the most common cause of flooding, driving rain can also lead to such an outcome. Preparation is therefore essential even if your Fort Myers building has the right elevation.

Various steps can help minimize the effects of flood damage in Fort Myers. Creating watertight shields for doors and windows can help prevent seepage from driving rain. Membranes and sealants can also help with wall seepage. Before taking any of these measures, it is essential to know the kind of flooding event you are likely to face in your area. You can get such information from FEMA flood maps. Alternatively, our SERVPRO technicians can inspect your home and offer you advice since we have sufficient experience dealing with flooding cases.

Sometimes property might flood because of landscaping issues. You can address this in different ways including landscaping changes that alter the elevation around the property or wet flood proofing. While the first solution directs water away from the structure, the second one allows it to pass through uninhabited sections of the house. With either solution, it is possible to avoid damages caused by water forces against the structure.

While prevention would be the best outcome, in most cases the water reaches the structure. Knowing whom to call before this happens is vital for your preparation. Calling a professional restorer like SERVPRO is beneficial because we can take remedial actions in time. We can help move contents from the affected areas to higher areas in your house. Extended exposure to water is the leading cause of damage to house contents. By capitalizing on manpower and experience, our team can move items quicker. We also have the equipment to extract water and clean up the premises.

If your property floods, call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910. We clean up your property leaving it "Like it never even happened."

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Let SERVPRO Handle Flood Damage In Fort Myers

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All storm flooding should be handled by professionals to avoid an increase in the severity and breadth of problems.

Flood Damage In Your Home

One common misconception we hear from our customers is that flooding without apparent debris and contaminants can be handled without help from a professional Fort Myers flood damage restoration company like SERVPRO. The damage may appear minimal at first glance or reminiscent of simpler household calamities that can be tackled with ease by conventional cleaning supplies and a bit of hard work. However, the truth is that all storm flooding should be handled by professionals to avoid an increase in the severity and breadth of problems.

The Situation Can Worsen
One of the most important reasons to contact a professional flood damage company in Fort Myers as soon as possible after the event is to prevent circumstances from worsening with time. Within four hours of your first call to SERVPRO, we can be at your doorstep taking the first steps toward recovery. However, even a single day's delay while you attempt to handle the situation on your own can allow severe consequences such as mold growth and structural instability to develop. The sooner you call SERVPRO, the sooner we can arrive to help, and the more damage can be averted.

The Damage Could Be Deceptive
The damage that may appear as some simple staining of carpet and baseboards could mask much more significant problems underneath. Many floods cause immediate and extensive damage to the structural integrity of a home without betraying a single outward sign until the structure begins to fall apart. SERVPRO uses advanced thermohygrometer moisture detection technology to find pockets of water in critical locations around the home and identify these threats before they cause more trouble.

Hazards May Abound
In some cases, a relatively light flood can create more safety hazards than a large fire. Although most threats come from the presence of standing water, which should never be entered by a homeowner, even a home that appears dry may contain electrocution, chemical, and cutting hazards. Allowing one of our inspectors to go over the house before you enter could spare you of significant injury.

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda is a local expert on flood damage mitigation and restoration services. Call us as soon as possible after a flood at (941) 575-5910.

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Working Quickly Can Help Reduce Flood Damage In Fort Myers

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Floods can occur at almost any time in Fort Myers, which can make many homeowners anxious about their safety and the security of their property.

Flood Damage In Home

Floods can occur at almost any time in Fort Myers, which can make many homeowners anxious about their safety and the security of their property. Residents in the area can rest more comfortably because there are experienced professionals close by that can restore their home in the event of a storm. Standing water in the home can weaken the home’s structure, which is why it is wise to call us right away when flood waters flow into your residence.

Our skilled and trained SERVPRO flood damage crew in Fort Myers can handle water emergencies when possible. Giving us a call can reduce damages to your home and may help save many items in your house like clothing, electronics, and furniture. You can rely on our expert techs to arrive at your residence within hours and to start assessing the damage immediately. Working fast can reduce damages and can help prevent mold growth. Our techs have access to various pieces of equipment to remove excess water from the structure. Typically, the team employs wands, extractors, pumps, and vacuums during the migration stage. Extracting moisture is vital because moisture can cause health effects.

After our SERVPRO team eliminates all standing water, they begin the drying phase. Generally, the team uses air movers, axial fans, and dehumidification equipment to dry the affected areas in the home thoroughly. Using this type of drying equipment can help to expedite the drying process. Plus, it can advance the water removal stage. Our crew may also utilize probes and moisture meters to check for moisture that is hidden beneath flooring and from behind and inside the walls and baseboards. Also, our technicians can use large drying mats to pull moisture from the floors and carpet.

Floods can be a traumatic event for homeowners in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. You can trust our proficient SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda flood damage restoration services. We are a phone call away and are nearby, so contact us 24/7 at (941) 575-5910.

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Professional Flood Damage Restoration for Your Fort Myers House

3/30/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the skills and training to properly restore your home after flood damage leaving it "Like it never even happened."

Rely on SERVPRO When You Experience Flood Damage On Your Property

There are plenty of circumstances that welcome damages from natural disasters into your Fort Myers home. Significant rainfall happening over a short period, especially when the ground itself does not have the appropriate absorption capabilities can result in flooding and flash floods which can devastatingly affect your home. If your home is one that had gotten constructed a few decades ago, many of the precautionary staples and reinforcements to prevent instances of flooding are likely to begin fading and failing.

Flood damage in your Fort Myers residence is a little overwhelming to see at first. While you want to move quickly to make sure that the contents of the affected area do not become irreparably damaged throughout the presence of this pooling water, you also have to entrust this to a team of professionals. We can help you to not only remedy the immediate concerns but also to ensure that similar situations do not happen with the next bout of severe weather systems.

Our SERVPRO technicians experience all manner of flood damage to both residential and commercial properties. We get uniquely trained in the latest techniques and strategies for water damage restoration and extraction, and utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment to achieve this task. Our brief yet thorough inspection of the full scope of the damage in your home helps to break down the order of steps to fully restore the affected area and also ensures that the appropriate equipment and personnel are on site to clean your mess up promptly.

Extraction is one of the most significant concerns when it comes to flood damage restoration. With significant volumes of water, our team utilizes a pump truck from our SERVPRO fleet to quickly pull up the water and present conditions to begin drying efforts. The drying of the region involves a combination of several tools at our disposal, from industrial sized air movers to more focused equipment like drying mats and inner wall injectidry air systems.

Flood damage does not have to be overwhelming to see in your home. While it is unexpected, you can trust the SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda team of restoration specialists to help you clean up the mess and reclaim your house. Give us a call whenever you need us at (941) 575-5910.

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Restoring Flood Damaged Property In Fort Myers

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

The decision to remove or restore flood-damaged Fort Myers property requires more than a sentimental attitude.

Restoring Flood Damaged Property

Fort Myers residents have had to make some hard decisions this last year. The hurricane and other extreme weather incidents have destroyed not just homes, but personal property as well. Furniture and decorative items passed down through several generations were turned into debris that had to be removed just to determine how bad the damage is to the structure.

The decision to remove or restore flood-damaged Fort Myers property requires more than a sentimental attitude. SERVPRO can help make the decisions needed to determine which items are repairable and how much each might cost. We also help customers navigate their insurance company processes to meet all requirements.

Our restoration teams make these determinations using guidelines published by the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. To use an example, simple wood furniture like a kitchen set is usually simple to restore and repair. Most of the cost is damage to the varnish or other finish. If the table and chair legs were under water for an extended period, then there may be some swelling and splintering of the wood.

We can restore minor damage to finishes with a chemical agent that eliminates water spots. If the damage is a bit more severe, SERVPRO technicians can eliminate it by stripping the finish and applying a new coat.

For actual damage to the wood, we first have to remove any excess moisture in the table legs. Our restoration teams can accomplish this by placing dehumidifiers next to the item to slowly draw out the moisture without causing any further damage. If it appears we can move faster; we use air movers to blow warm, dry air over the surfaces which helps force out moisture, so the dehumidifier captures it.

Once we have eliminated the moisture, we carefully inspect the table and chairs. For minor splintering and warping, we can sand down any rough spots and minor bulges using sandpaper or powered sanders. We can hide our efforts with a new coat of varnish or another finisher.

With any flood damage, SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda works to return your home and property to as close to its original state as possible. We know that walking into a room full of new furniture is nice, but it is not the same as sitting down to the same table you used as a child. If you need our services, call us today at (941) 575-5910.

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Flood Damage Cleanup in Your Punta Gorda Home

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It is important to call SERVPRO as soon as you experience flood damage to prevent further damage.

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Flood Damage Restoration Services

It can be a huge hassle when floodwaters invade your Punta Gorda home. Anything more than a spilled drink and a small puddle can create huge problems if you do not immediately take care of it. Water begins to smell badly fast, and it can warp and rot materials which hold your home together. Plus, it allows for mold growth in just 24 to 48 hours.

When there have been massive storms in Punta Gorda that caused flood damage in your home, you need to act quickly, so your home does not sustain additional damage. SERVPRO’s cleanup teams can help. We extract any standing water, dry the rest with specialized equipment, spray an antimicrobial solution to stop mold and microbial growth, and repair any damage done by the water to your home.

When we first arrive, we secure your property as needed, and start the mitigation process to stop the source of the water and prevent further water damage. Any belongings in the home which are salvageable are moved to a safe and suitable location so that we can restore them off-site. We use the help of other professionals to restore any affected electronics. We then start extracting the water from the structure with truck-mounted pumps.

Next, SERVPRO techs tear out all materials that were damaged in the flooding including flooring and drywall so we can prep for any rebuilding that is needed. Industrial fans and dehumidifiers are used to complete the drying process and remove any hidden moisture inside the walls and other hidden areas. We monitor this process daily and move the equipment as needed to make sure everything dries in the least amount of time possible. We also spray an antimicrobial solution to disinfect your home and make it safe again.

All the affected areas of your home are then cleaned up to ensure that it is safe to navigate and prepare for the rebuilding process.

SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda takes the time to ensure your home in Solana, Pirate Harbor, or Bayshore is thoroughly dry, sanitized and rebuilt before our job is complete. When floodwaters enter your home, give us a call as soon as possible at (941) 575-5910.

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Be Mindful Of Mold After Flood Damage In Fort Myers

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

After the devastation of flooding, your best option is to contact the professionals at SERVPRO for thorough remediation services.

Our Quick Response Helps to Remediate Damage and Helps Deter Mold From Setting In

Flood damage is frustrating for any homeowner. It only takes a small amount of water to cause a surprisingly large amount of harm. A broken pipe or leaking appliance is enough to cause extensive damage to floor coverings and furniture and seep into baseboards, cabinets, and walls. Mold is an additional risk to Fort Myers homes after a water leak, and SERVPRO encourages homeowners to be mindful of the problem.
It is understandable that after flood damage in Fort Myers, the primary concern of homeowners is removing the water and drying all affected items. However, it is also a good idea to consider the risk of mold. Fungal spores are microscopic and thus invisible to the naked eye, and grow anywhere there is an organic food source (such as cotton, leather or wood), and moisture. It is easy to see why it is easy for the fungus to grow after flood damage, as many items could still be damp.
The best defense against ongoing problems from flood damage is calling SERVPRO. We train our IICRC-certified technicians to deal with leaks and spills both big and small. Our professional service begins with thorough water extraction because we know that removing as much water as possible early in the process is key to success.
Following extraction, we set to work drying out any water-logged areas in your home. We tackle carpets, floors, and even behind cabinets or baseboards. Our technicians use moisture meters and probes to assess damp levels in affected areas. Because we use high-quality equipment, our customers can rest assured that when we say an area is dry, it is thoroughly so, with no hidden patches of damp.
We also use air movers, box fans, and dehumidifiers to assist the drying process and encourage evaporation. We train our technicians in how to choose and position drying equipment for maximum efficiency. We even use air scrubbers and wet fogging to take care of lingering damp odors, to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”
For help with flood damage in Salvista, Bayshore, Solana, Cleveland and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda at (941) 575-5910 today.

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Post-Hurricane Irma Damage Cleanup Hazards In Fort Myers

11/1/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane Irma's Damage Mitigated in the Fort Myers/Punta Gorda Area by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Recognizes Unsecure Conditions After Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

After the wind and rain are memories homeowners in Fort Myers may decide to begin cleanup quickly, and without professional help. Failing to observe proper disaster cleanup protocols exposes well-intentioned residents, family, friends, and neighbors to severe risks. Partnering with an experienced disaster cleanup and restoration company guides you to avoid preventable threats to health, safety, and your home’s stability and integrity.
Fort Myers residents hoping to restore a sense of normalcy post-hurricane damage may decide to dig right in and set their storm buffeted homes to rights without assistance. Caution dictates that at least basic safety rules be observed for minor damage. More complicated situations pose significant chances of further property damage, personal injury, or even death. Here are just a few of many issues that make professional recovery using our services a necessity after the hurricane.
Hazardous Work Area
Home interiors usually are havens, protecting you from the elements. Hurricane damage changes that assurance to doubt. Unless inspected by an expert a home can prove unstable and full of significant hazards. Missing or compromised supporting walls, waterlogged or upheaved floors, sagging ceilings, and broken glass are just a few of the hazards found post-storm. Gas leaks and live electrical wiring are potentially life-taking issues, with fire and explosions possible. SERVPRO crews enter only after the hazards are quantified, and safeguards were taken.
(Lack Of) Proper Equipment
Trees, utility poles, structural materials, and more may fall or shift underfoot during cleanup, mandating the use of personal protective equipment a homeowner rarely has or know how to use. Hard hats, goggles, waterproof footwear with steel toes and insoles, earplugs, respirators, and heavy-duty gloves lists the minimum required. Trained technicians come fully outfitted from SERVPRO, combined with the know-how and familiarity with extensive destruction only certified individuals possess.
Scalable Work Teams
Hurricane force winds bring down many objects in yards, into and on top of homes. The weight and amount of the debris often require specialized equipment or at least a coordinated work team to move, replace, and discard. Attempting to clear out areas without the team approach SERVPRO advocates results in a high possibility of injury, strains, and exhaustion.
Need For Speed
Water intrusion begins as a mop-up issue and quickly transforms into a destructive force. A solo effort to remove water and dry out the premises is doomed to fail without industrial strength tools and an adequate number of competent responders. Wallboard and insulation deteriorate, carpets delaminate, floors buckle, and mold grows if the moisture is not on the way out within 48 hours. Our core mission at SERVPRO is water damage remediation and restoration, done fast and with experience and skill.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda calls on other members of our nationwide network to conquer hurricane damage in a skilled and timely manner. Schedule an assessment at (941) 575-5910 to get the process on track.

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Fast, Efficient Flood Damage Restoration Services In Fort Myers

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding events in Fort Myers can be traumatic, especially because they happen without warning and cause major damage.

Flood Damage Restoration Services

Flooding events in Fort Myers can be traumatic, especially because they happen without warning and cause damage that affects the lives and livelihoods of homeowners for months. Cleaning up the mess should be done by experts in damage management; otherwise, you risk long-term effects and a strong likelihood of mold growth. The priority is to return the property to preloss condition as quickly as possible while minimizing secondary damage.

As a trusted flood damage restoration company in Fort Myers, SERVPRO can arrive quickly to restore your home in the event of a flood. We have a stock of state-of-the-art equipment for any type of flooding scenario, ensuring that the restoration process goes safely and smoothly to completion. Additionally, all our technicians are well-versed with IICRC guidelines, making them highly efficient on the site.

Once we have safely evacuated the building, work can begin on restoring your home to full operation again. Our first step of action is pumping all floodwater out of the house and then assessing the leftover flood damage. A few SERVPRO personnel then remove all irreparably-damaged items (including furniture, upholstery, and carpeting) and attempt to salvage anything where it is possible.

Using special tools and equipment, we begin cleaning the building and then check for any structural damage that could put you and your family at risk. SERVPRO has a strict sense of timeliness when it comes to drying. It is important to dehumidify the entire area to get rid of bad odors and any mold that could be developing. Note that mold growth may cause health effects if not treated.

With primary flood damage, SERVPRO technicians can be able to immediately identify the damage done on the structure. One of the most frustrating problems in these situations is invisible secondary damage. Water can rapidly change from liquid to vapor, which can then travel throughout the property. When this vapor condenses back to water, it can penetrate porous materials and cause serious water damage. It is vital that all secondary water damage repairs are performed professionally from the initial assessment, or else you risk causing further destruction that may go unnoticed for many years to come.

If you are searching for a dependable, qualified flood damage restoration company in your area, you can rely on SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda. We have numerous branches across the country and a team of dedicated water damage restoration experts ready to attend to your emergency. Call us anytime at (941) 575-5910.

For more information about the city of Fort Myers, Florida visit

Recovering From Flood Damage In Fort Myers May Be Easier Than You Think

4/18/2017 (Permalink)

Flooded Homes in Fort Myers Call On SERVPRO for Water Removal and Cleanup

Relying on SERVPRO Mitigates Damages Caused by Flooding

Every home in the United States is susceptible to flooding. Thinking otherwise can result in severe damage to the contents, structure, and other belongings found in your home. Anyone that tells you any different is sadly misinformed.
Fortunately, there is a quality restoration company located within the Fort Myers area that makes recovering from flood damage easier. Flooding can occur anywhere, anytime and it does not necessarily need to be a natural disaster that causes the problem.  
Whether your home lies within a flood zone or not, obtaining flood insurance is imperative to protecting your investment. Having the proper insurance gives you access to qualified flood damage technicians, like those available at SERVPRO. We even offer to assist you with locating temporary housing, if needed, and help you fill out the paperwork necessary for your claim.  
SERVPRO has fully licensed IICRC certified professional restoration technicians that make your life a whole lot easier after a disaster occurs on your property. Giving you someone that is truly on your side that has access to the equipment and personnel necessary to get things back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. "Like it never even happened."
We have services that cover drying and restoring the wall to wall carpeting, tile, and other flooring surfaces found in your home, along with services that pay specific attention to furniture and appliances caught up in the event. Our water extraction, drying, cleaning, and deodorization services give you the results you deserve, in a timely and efficient manner.
Are you looking for help preventing damage to personal property or valuable belongings? SERVPRO technicians can assist you with removing flood debris, repair structural damages to your walls, ceilings, and floors. While also providing you with help recovering household appliances and a variety of personal belongings that might not be restorable otherwise.
We have had success in helping customers restore collectibles, artwork, knickknacks, clothing, shoes, jewelry and a variety of other items that you may have thought destroyed during the flood. While we cannot guarantee success with every item, you may be surprised by the results you receive.
Contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers – Punta Gorda a call today; we can help you get back on your feet and restore things to normal quickly. Check out our flood damage restoration services before its too late. (941) 575-5910

Understanding the Severity of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Affecting Cleveland

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Inland Flooding in Ft. Myers Can Wreak Havoc, Call SERVPRO

Storm Surges and Winds Cause Large Amounts of Damage

Of all the costliest natural disasters in the U.S., hurricanes have caused eight out of ten of them. It only takes one storm, however, to cause flooding. The risk is not limited to just a storm surge on the coast. Flash floods and heavy rains can affect communities sitting hundreds of miles inland. Only a few inches of water are needed to cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause a big problem with high winds, soaking rain, storm surge and flood damage to your Cleveland property. Usually, Atlantic hurricanes happen from June to November. Besides causing extensive damage to coastal areas, the storms many times bring heavy rain inland hundreds of miles. They, in turn, pose a threat to millions of people not living near a shoreline. SERVPRO is a professional flood remediation company who can come to the rescue when your home suffers from flood damage. We have Commercial Loss and Storm units that can muster and quickly arrive to help during any  emergencies

Heavy Rains
Hurricanes and tropical storms can dump cumbersome and sustained rainfall which can overwhelm drainage systems which result in flooding. In 2011, Tropical Storm Lee created up to fifteen inches of rain in some areas and made severe flooding along the Atlantic and Gulf. The storm created more than $450 million in paid flood losses. It averaged about $46,000 per loss.

Storm Surge
The water which is pushed toward the shore by high storm winds is the storm surge. These waves, driven by the wind, can cause severe flooding in areas along the coast. Storm surges can be very destructive and dangerous when combined with high tides. When flooding from storm surge has damaged your home, the most important step a SERVPRO technician can take in restoring your home is creating the right airflow. Effectively drying your home requires knowing the correct techniques for using airflow. We are aware of placing air movers at a 45-degree angle so the air can bounce off the wall and carry moisture away to be replaced by drier air. Air movers are put in a clockwise pattern with the inlet towards the wall and the snout against the wall. Close monitoring of the equipment is done, and if needed the air movers are moved to the right or left in a circular pattern to dry the structure evenly.

Inland Flooding
It is not just coastal communities who need to be ready for flooding from hurricanes. These storms are powerful systems which can travel far from the first area where they strike. After they are inland, they can keep bringing heavy winds and powerful winds.

When flood damage has put a hold on your daily life, get in touch with SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers/Punta Gorda. Don't hesitate to call us at (941) 575-5910 whenever you are in need.

Retirees Can Anticipate And Prepare For Flood Damage In Bayshore With Help From SERVPRO

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Storm damage can affect your property in many ways. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate!

Life After a Storm Can Get Back to Normal with Professional Restoration

Choosing to live in the beautiful Fort Myers area is understandable for retirees looking for both comfort and pleasant surroundings. The warmth, the vistas, the sunny weather are all draws. But every resident of this area, seasonal or year round, knows savvy homeowners need to prepare for the seasonal storms that build and break over the gulf coast and throughout Florida and the southeast United States. High winds, heavy rains and storm surge combine to make flood damage a yearly possibility. SERVPRO is ready to partner with you to remove flood waters and the issues they present from your home quickly and efficiently, avoiding any long term problems from developing that might interfere with your quiet enjoyment of this coveted area for your well deserved retirement.
Flood damage in Bayshore is best restored if our staff is able to get to your site immediately after the water has infiltrated the lower levels of your home. Chances are better that the water inside your home is clean if we respond within the first hours after it is safe to move crews into your neighborhood. Our initial steps will be to evaluate how to most efficiently remove the water in your home. Standing water may need to be pumped and then the flooring may need to have the remaining water removed with our professional extractors. Reducing the humidity in your home and its contents quickly is critical to preventing secondary microbial growth, so we will add air movers and possibly heaters to the flood damage restoration mix to dry out the structure completely fast. If we can remove the flood water before it turns gray or black, your home is well on its way toward pre-loss condition so that is our goal.
After the water is removed and the moisture further reduced in flooring, walls and ceilings, we will use a range of proven strategies to dry out the furnishings and other contents of your home. SERVPRO’s mission as a restoration company is to return the structure, structural components, fixtures and personal belongings sheltered within your home to daily use. We understand that your attachment to the special features of your home is strong and that many of your treasured items are irreplaceable. Our technicians have the skills to dry out and restore documents, pictures and family heirlooms. Your can rely upon our experience and training to restore your personal piece of paradise.
When the storms of late summer and autumn hit, your first task is to contact SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda. We will design a plan individualized to your specific needs just as soon as you call our operators at (941) 575-5910 to schedule a flood damage evaluation.

Dangers of Flood Waters

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Hurricanes and Storms Cause Water Damage in Bayshore

SERVPRO Advises You to Stay Out of Flood Waters from Storms or Hurricanes

If your home has been flooded, you should try to stay out of the most heavily damaged areas and wait until our SERVPRO technicians give you the OK. However, this might not always be possible or even the best solution, and so you should be aware of unseen hazards present in flood situations. Avoid moving water, wear boots or at the least closed-toe shoes, and dodge these hazards that may be present from the flood.
Tack Strips and Broken Glass
When your home has sustained flood damage in Bayshore, you should take care around any remaining water and treat it as a potential hazard. This means that cuts, scrapes, and wounds (even if they are slight) are highly susceptible to infection or illness if they come into contact with any flood water. This is why we recommend wearing closed-toe shoes and preferably boots when anywhere in the home, as the tack strips from damaged carpets or other shards of broken material may open small wounds on an unprotected foot. If you have sustained even a tiny cut or scrape in a flood-damaged home, be sure to disinfect and treat the wound as quickly as possible.
Slips and Falls
Although this may seem obvious, it can be very easy to forget in an emergency situation the risk of slips and falls on wet surfaces. Shoes and feet alike can slide when on a smooth surface such as tile, wood, or concrete, and you should carefully watch your step for fear of serious injury. Also, cords, wires, and loose objects may present additional slip hazards, so watch your step and try to avoid these objects.
Confined Spaces
If you are in a small or confined space in the flood, seek to escape as quickly as possible. These spaces can quickly develop many hazards, including suffocating gasses, infectious surfaces, electrical malfunctions, and other factors. If you feel you are unable to escape from such confinement, call emergency services.
SERVPRO of N. Ft. Myers / Punta Gorda understands the risks and procedures involved with a case of flood damage and has the equipment to help restore your home to normal at no risk to you or your family. Call us at the first sign of damage at (941) 575-5910.